BC Bug Vancouver Announces Expansion Of Their Service Area

BC Bug Vancouver Announces Expansion Of Their Service Area

Residents in the Greater Vancouver, Whistler, Howe Sound, and the Fraser Valley will now have affordable bed bug eradication services from a bed bug specialists

November 01, 2017 ( datsyn.com) – BC Bug Vancouver is pleased to announce the expansion of their service area. This expansion will include the Greater Vancouver, Whistler, Howe Sound and the Fraser Valley. BC Bug Vancouver has been the go-to company for many of the areas in the Vancouver, British Columbia area since 2010.

By expanding their service area they are able to give more residents and apartment complex owners the peace of mind they have an affordable resource for dealing with bed bugs. BC Bug has said, “We are happy to expand our bed bug control services to cover all areas of Greater Vancouver, Whistler, Howe Sound and the Fraser Valley.” To view a full listing of BC Bug Vancouver visit bcbug.com/service-areas

Bed bugs are one of the most frightening infestations a homeowner can face. Bed Bugs attack typically at night while you are sleeping. Their bites can leave nasty welts on the body and can make a person feel embarrassed. Dealing with bed bugs requires the help of a professional. Bed Bugs are not easily eradicated on your own and require the help of specialists.

BC Bug has said, “Our division is bed bug specialists- not a general pest control company dealing with many different kinds of pests. We keep up with the latest technology and eradication methods to rid you of your bed bugs. If you find yourself infested with bed bugs or you have been battling them for a while with no luck- please give us a call” on being a specialist in the field.

Calling a specialist will ensure a quick and successful elimination of bed bugs. A general pest control will not have the same insight or latest technology and eradication methods as BC Bug. As an apartment complex owner, one of the owners of BC Bug has had a first-hand experience dealing with gigantic bed bug infestation. His personal experience helped to shape the company. They listen to customers concerns and understand how stressful a bed bug infestation situation can be. Then will work quickly to eliminate the problem. They employ a few different strategies when dealing with bed bugs depending on severity and they include

Heat treatments
Pesticide Treatments
Bed Bug K9 Detection and Removal

As a fully insured and licensed company, customers can feel confident that ridding their home of bed bugs will be handled professionally. BC Bug Vancouver is also a member of the Structural Pest Management Association of BC.

To eliminate bed bugs Vancouver, BC look no further than BC Bug. There are many ways to connect with BC Bug, including their google plus at. Customers can follow them on Twitter and also their Linkedin page.


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