Becomes a Leading Guidebook for Information on Lie Detecting Tests Becomes a Leading Guidebook for Information on Lie Detecting Tests, an informative blog that discusses about lie detectors, is now rated as one of the leading online sources for all that readers want to know about lie detecting tests and polygraph.

October 31, 2017 ( is an edifying website that enlightens the blog visitors about all that they would wish to know about lie detectors. This blog is now considered to be the go-to e-guide for all those people who would want to know what lie detecting tests are all about.

Lie detection test has turned out to be a common practice in today’s world and finds application in many legal cases. Polygraph or lie detection tests can answer whether the allegations were right or not. The website discusses everything from what it is to what happens during the process of the test.

In their words – “The lie detector test, which is also known as the Polygraph test, is something that measures, records and analyses carious physical and physiological measures to detect truth or lie said by any individual while answering to a set of questions.”

The blog also sheds light on the extensive applications of the test while exploring the various areas in which it can be useful. Whether it’s about resolving a legal case for the cops or marital trust issues, proves the vast potential that polygraph tests have and how it can strengthen a claim of innocence.

It’s quite natural for the common man to wonder if these devices are actually reliable. The blog has an answer to this query as well – “The polygraph is actually highly reliable but that depends on whether the examiner carrying out the test is well trained and using the latest computerised equipment and validated techniques. There are lots of studies carried out regarding the reliability of these kinds of tests and it has proven that the examiners that are qualified have an accuracy rate of 98% in the conclusions that they make.” is the right blog for those individuals looking forward to learn about this interesting concept.  

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