Investing in Bitcoin is not worse than casino gambling says Bitcoin Gambling 101 CEO

Investing in Bitcoin is not worse than casino gambling says Bitcoin Gambling 101 CEO

Recent Russian statements on Bitcoin have inflamed the bitcoin gambling community with Bitcoin Gambling 101 CEO responding.

October 27, 2017 ( – With the Russian Economy minister stating “Bitcoin worse than casino gambling”. These inflammatory statements have had a profound impact on confidence in bitcoin and are leading some to question the future viability of bitcoin as a currency. A major aspect of bitcoin’s popularity is due to the bitcoin gambling industry says , with bitcoin gambling providing a fun and exciting pastime to many.

Founder and CEO Of Bitcoin Gambling 101, Jonathan Merry commented on this statement “Investing in Bitcoin is in no way similar to gambling, and I believe I speak from experience managing a bitcoin gambling aggregator and having invested previously in bitcoin. Bitcoin has been seeing consistently strong growth and all signs point to this increasing as more and more major sites start accepting it as payment.”

“The old methods of payment are becoming increasingly outdated and Russia is quite clearly scared of losing a method of control over their populace. Russia have also been creating their own cryptocurrency the CryptoRuble, so there is no shock here that Russia would be denouncing the biggest cryptocurrency while creating their own, government controlled cryptocurrency. 

It should also be noted that the two major opponents of bitcoin are currently Russia and China, which should speak volumes if the governments of these two nations are to be judged on their citizens freedom.”

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Source: PR