California Estate and Elder Law LLP Establishes Themselves as Top San Diego Estate Planning Attorneys

California Estate and Elder Law LLP Establishes Themselves as Top San Diego Estate Planning Attorneys

San Diego based California Estate and Elder Law, LLP is establishing itself as the leader in estate planning as they help families plan for their estates and for their beneficiaries, both during life and legacy planning.

October 27, 2017 ( – When asked about their practice, attorney Joe Strazzeri said, “When families come into our office to discuss planning, they often anticipate an asset and distribution-focused conversation that will lead to the development of legal documents. This interpretation of estate planning is quite common, and it actually narrows a family’s choices before the conversations even begin.”

California Estate and Elder Law believes legal documents should be the outcome of a great planning process – not the onset. Effective planning is as much or more about preserving family relationships as it is about preserving family assets. In order to preserve relationships, CEEL’s estate planners explore their client’s aspirations and future goals.

Typically, estate planning attorneys address the proverbial end as if it’s a light switch. According to senior leadership within California Estate and Elder Law, they address the full spectrum of planning – everything that may happen between now and then. They clearly know that families often feel overwhelmed and are relieved to find a path to working through it all.

When asked, San Diego elder law attorney Scott Stewart said what drives him to provide superior service: “I enjoy practicing in this area of law because it gives me an opportunity to help a segment of our population escape from the financial ruin that can result from a stay in a nursing home. Helping a family in need, when all seems lost, affords me personal rewards that no other area of law can offer.”

Stewart went on to say, “Some of these conversations surround a person’s subtle or obvious changes in capacity. These changes affect critical aspects of daily life – things like health, safety and finances. Our process helps key family members solidly contemplate and effectively map out what’s important in these areas.”

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What makes California Estate and Elder Law truly stand out among other San Diego estate planning attorneys? Apart from their superior team and experience, it is their specialization. ‘CEEL’ is just one of four business units each dedicated to servicing a particular niche within the larger umbrella of estate planning. The other business entities include Strazzeri Mancini, Southern California Institute, and Founders Group.


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