Floormat.com Provides Overview Of Healthcare Industry Matting Solutions

Floormat.com Provides Overview Of Healthcare Industry Matting Solutions

Floor matting solutions company explains the necessity of matting within the healthcare industry

October 17, 2017 ( datsyn.com) – Floormat.com, a leading provider of floor matting products and floor matting solutions, has published an overview of the industry-specific matting options that the company offers for the healthcare industry. Included in the company’s information directed toward the healthcare industry is a listing of products as well as a case study of the floor matting company’s work with a major hospital, the Cleveland Clinic. The full spectrum of healthcare floor matting information available from Floormat.com is available on the company’s website, provided below.

Floormat.com begins its section on matting options for the healthcare industry by acknowledging that the unique environmental demands of the industry, especially as it relates to the health and safety of patients and workers, demand industry-specific solutions. “Our products are anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-fatigue, helping nurses, doctors, surgeons, and administrators maintain a safe, sterile, and healthful environment,” writes Floormat.com

In addition to cleanliness, Floormat.com’s published information identifies stability and comfort as often-overlooked aspects of healthcare industry floor matting. “Working harrows filled with constant movement, it’s imperative to safeguard and trap solvents, debris, and bacteria within specific locations so it is not tracked into heavy traffic areas,” explains Floormat.com. The healthcare industry excerpt concludes by describing that many of the company’s mats are engineered with agents that are able to stop the growth of potentially harmful bacteria and fungi.

The healthcare industry description is followed immediately on Floormat.com’s website by a listing of categories from which users can select products that are relevant to the industry. The categories listed include anti-slip tape & treads, cleaners & aseptic, floor mats, noise & vibration and specialty products.

Beyond the healthcare industry, Floormat.com also provides descriptions of its industry-specific matting solutions for clients in a wide range of industries including healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality and sports & recreation. Floormat.com has also published descriptions and testimonials of its work with government clients at both the federal and local levels.

While a major component of Floormat.com’s mission involves providing a full range of top-quality floor matting products, the company is also a floor matting industry leading provider of environmental knowledge and information. The company employs a team of business environment specialists, known as Solutionists, who follow a proven, systematic protocol known as ADPAT in order to arrive at the specific solutions that are relevant for any given workplace environment. Detailed company news and information can be seen at plus.google.com/u/0/109739922304473426835

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