Get The Best Burbank Copywriting Online Web Copy Content Branding Services

Get The Best Burbank Copywriting Online Web Copy Content Branding Services

Burbank digital marketing agency Astute Social Media launched a new copywriting and content marketing service. The company works with professional copywriters to provide local businesses with professionally written weekly 1,000-word articles that can be uploaded on websites, blogs or social media pages.

October 13, 2017 ( – Astute Social Media, a digital marketing agency based in Burbank, California, announced a new content writing and marketing service. The company offers local businesses weekly professional articles researched, proofread and tailored to their specific industry and business profile.

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Online content plays one of the most important roles when it comes to the overall reputation of a particular business. As websites are the main point of contact between prospective clients and local businesses, the information found on a website has a serious impact on whether or not viewers decide the business is worth contacting. Poorly written web copy has been shown to deter clients, making it essential for local businesses to work with professional copy and content writers.

Astute Social Media launched a weekly copywriting service designed to help local businesses in Burbank and nationwide develop a solid content marketing strategy.

The company works with professional copywriters to create, proofread and deliver weekly 1,000-word unique articles customized for the industry and business profile of each client.

The company’s copy and content writers have extensive experience writing commercial, promotional and informative articles for business clients in all industries, undertaking extensive research to ensure high content quality and informational value. All pieces are professionally proofread, with a free round of revisions included for each article.

To match the business profile of each client, Astute Social Media provides businesses with a brief questionnaire to be filled at the beginning of the collaboration. Writers will then use the information to provide weekly relevant pieces that can be uploaded to official websites, blogs and social media pages.

For improved versatility, clients can choose the specific topics for each article or provide general guidelines on the content areas they want addressed.

Astute Social Media helps small businesses dominate the internet and leverage their enhanced visibility to generate a consistent flow of new customers and steady cash flow. Their inhouse Facebook Ads Consultant and social media experts guide clients toward achieving KPI’s for all business sales objectives.

Founder and Chief Digital Marketing Strategist, Christopher T. Lawson, authors practical how-to articles and case studies for results-focused small business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, digital nomads and side hustlers. His work can be found on LinkedIn and Medium.


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