Boost Brand Awareness With This Scottish Digital Marketing SEO Increase Sales Expert

Boost Brand Awareness With This Scottish Digital Marketing SEO Increase Sales Expert

Scottish SEO and marketing experts, Purple Pico Productions, has announced a partnership with Retail Display Signs to help boost brand awareness. It can help businesses in any niche to get more customers and boost sales.

October 02, 2017 ( – Purple Pico Promotions, prominent Motherwell, Scotland based digital marketing and search engine optimisation experts, have announced that they are working with Retail Display Signs in Brisbane

The company has hired Purple Pico Promotions Ltd to help establish a strong online presence for them. It comes as part of an awareness campaign for boosting traffic and getting more local customers regardless of business niche.

More information can be found at:

The company prides itself on providing high quality digital marketing service for small, medium and large businesses, and helping to establish a strong online presence in the competitive online market.

Maya Mendoza, Founder and Digital Marketing Consultant with Purple Pico says “In today’s climate, it’s more important to stand out than ever before, because there is always competition out there willing to dominate the market. In order to stand out online, it’s important to do a few things well, and the first of these is establish a powerful and engaging website.”

She continues “These websites need to be SEO friendly, and offer an intuitive user journey. This helps to keep customers around, and ensure they come back again, but it also helps to make sure that the website ranks effectively on Google.”

When searching online browsers often don’t get past the first page of results. This emphasises the importance of any business climbing up into the first page of results, and this is something that Purple Pico can help with.

Research shows that most web design companies are not able to offer Search Engine Optimisation for thier clients websites and many are not conversant with customer conversion tactics, both of which are essential if a causal browser is to find the website online and progress to a sale.

Through working with Purple Pico, businesses in any niche can boost their brand awareness and establish themselves as experts in their own, unique online space. They can also ensure that their brand is strong, and that their message is visible and runs through all of their marketing.

A company’s brand is the first thing their audience encounters when they find them online. For this reason, it’s imperative to have a strong brand and to get the message of that brand across.

Purple Pico can help with this, along with getting better Google rankings, getting more local customers, and increasing sales of products and services. Full details of the benefits of working with the marketing experts at Purple Pico can be found on the URL above.

We understand the struggles, stresses and strains of running your business and we are here to make life easier for you and give you back the time and money freedom you crave.

Every skill and service that we bring to you we apply every day to our own successful endeavors. We promise to treat your business with the respect, passion and care that we give to our own.
Although we run High Visibility services for our clients, we are not a Public Relations company.

In the past, most of our online work has been for Digital Marketing Agencies and Public Relations firms who hire us to fill their knowledge gaps and deliver an expert digital marketing service for their clients.

Our work is usually done under an NDA, which is why we are not able to share and shout out about our biggest successes and wins.

We do love working with our agency clients but it can get a little frustrating drinking champagne behind closed doors while other people accept awards for the work we have done on their behalf.

So, we have decided to bring our Ninja skills out of the shadows and reveal ourselves to the world. It’s an exciting time for us as we open our doors to a new way of doing the business we love.

We are looking forward to working with a more diverse group of people and businesses over the coming weeks and years, and we look forward to serving your needs.

Networking is our way of life. Although we have offices in Glasgow and Austin (and about to have one in Calcutta and Manila) we prefer to be out and about with our laptops, drinking great coffee, seeing new faces and popping into business venues.  It’s a cool way to make new friends and find new business partners.

Our expertise is at your service. We are always available for a conversation, written or oral, to discuss your projects. Then you can decide if we are the online reputation management and lead generating partner for you or your clients.  So, let us know of you are hanging out in Glasgow or in Manila,  and we’ll be happy to meet for a coffee.


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