New Name, Old Favourite

New Name, Old Favourite

Local Thai Restaurant My Thai Kitchen changed itsname to Heart Thai Food recently.

October 01, 2017 ( – This is to reflect a bit of the owners own personality but mostly to reflect the things that all of the people that cook for and serve you there on a daily basis care about most;the love of great Thai food.

Don’t be fooled by the change of name, Heart Thai Food is still owned and operated by the same people that created this funky establishment back in December 2010. Like all great food businesses constantly improving and reinventing the menu and facilities is part of what makes this restaurant so great.As the owner himself says “We care about the food we eat because we cook and eat our own food for breakfast lunch and dinner so it has to be as good for you as it is for us.

Heart Thai Food offers a variety of unique meals such as the When Pigs Fry, a traditional Thai garlic stir fry with crispy fried pork, and the ever popular Grandma’s Sweet Chicken, a chicken stir fry in caramelised soy sauce, something your grandma would make for you if she was Thai. Heart Thai Food also has a big Vegan following as they offer almost everything on the regular menu in a vegan version taking nothing away from the delicious recipes in order to make them vegan.

Heart Thai Food’s philosophy is that the choice of ingredients is often more important that the recipe. You can’t go wrong with good quality and fresh ingredients, that’s why they source only the finest fresh local meats, seafood and vegetables for their food, including fresh Brisbane prawns from the Redcliffe trawlers, sustainably ocean farmed fresh Daintree Barramundi, and of course the best fruit and veg from the local Milton Fruit Bowl.

“Dinner is a special meal when you get to eat and catch up with friends or sit with the family and talk about your day. At Heart Thai Food we love that we are a part of that for so many people in our community, and it’s been a joy seeing so many customers grow from young and single, to married, to starting their own families, and seeing their kids reactions to trying Thai food for the first time.” Con, the owner of Heart Thai Food

To try this restaurant for yourself head on down to Milton, they are open 7 night a week 5-9pm

“For me, Heart Thai Food is like walking into a kitchen the way it should be, filled with the most amazing people, cooking the most amazing food, filling the hearts of all who go there.”

David Nuttall, a customer since the very beginning, who comes in religiously twice a week.


Source: PR