Billy Darr Best Price On Viral Traffic App Campaign Automation SMM Ads Tool Launched

Billy Darr Best Price On Viral Traffic App Campaign Automation SMM Ads Tool Launched

Billy Darr, professional software developer and digital marketer, launched Viral Traffic App to help users create promotional campaigns to generate more traffic to their websites. Users can thus improve their overall digital visibility by leveraging high-authority websites through social media campaigns.

September 27, 2017 ( – Professional marketer and software developer Billy Darr announced Viral Traffic App, a new software allowing users to create various custom ads placed on high-authority domains to generate traffic to their target websites. The new app can be used for social media marketing campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and various other platforms.

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Social media has grown considerably in recent years, with the large majority of internet users having at least one social profile. Unsurprisingly, social media marketing has become one of the main sub-fields of digital marketing, attracting billions of dollars worldwide in marketing investments.

To provide both marketers and business owners with an effective way to leverage social media platforms and high-authority websites for traffic generation purposes, Billy Darr launched Viral Traffic App.

Designed for both beginning and experienced marketers, the app offers an accessible way to create custom ads, opt-in pages, forms, banners, links, buttons and various other types of website content that can be displayed on any existing website through a unique link.

Through the intuitive dashboard users can create an unlimited number of marketing campaigns, or outsource their marketing tasks by creating multiple Viral Traffic App profiles.

Once the basic campaign information has been provided, users can create a custom promotion, adding their own texts, images, animations and various other elements, and choosing the target website that will be used to redirect traffic to.

Viral Traffic App offers users a variety of styles and designs to choose from, including bars, sidebars, modals, and take-over ads.

After finishing the promotion design, users can the choose any popular website and have their promotion added to it through a special access link. The link will automatically display the promotion on the desired website, encouraging visitors to take a specific action that will send them to the users’ target website.

For extra convenience, Viral Traffic App offers complete social media campaign automation on Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as unlimited sharing on all major social media networks.

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With Viral Traffic App, there is no waiting for your traffic to “kick in.” The traffic starts flowing INSTANTLY because of the viral nature of this easy-to-use app.

People LOVE sharing on social media…

And when you post links using Viral Traffic App, the viral traffic will start flowing right away.

And because this powerful tool is created by Internet Marketers FOR Internet Marketers, it’s designed to take the viral traffic getting and turn it into money in your pocket…

Because this app has the potential to easily put THOUSANDS of dollars in your pocket within just a few short days, we originally planned to release this at $97 per month.

That seems like a really fair price, especially when you consider how much traffic costs both in money and time…

…and also because it would quickly pay for itself and then some… even at the $97 per month price point.

Although we will likely charge that price soon, we’ve decided to reduce the price substantially during our initial launch of Viral Traffic App, and give you the chance to get LIFETIME access for a low, one-time investment of just…


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