Signpost Aged Care Services Introduces New Business Model To Aid Elderly Citizens

Signpost Aged Care Services Introduces New Business Model To Aid Elderly Citizens

Hawthorn, Victoria aged care consultants Signpost Aged Care Services launched their new aged care consulting model to help elderly citizens understand, plan for, and navigate through aged care accommodation. The agency helps senior citizens understand their options and the intricate financial and legal aspects.

September 03, 2017 ( – Hawthorn, Victoria aged care consultants Signpost Aged Care Services announced the launch of a new business model aimed at providing expert financial and legal guidance to senior citizens. The model has been created to provide guidance and assistance to elderly citizens seeking nursing care accommodation.

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Australia has a comprehensive and complex legal framework pertaining to the nursing care and accommodation for the elderly. As a result, multi-specialty consultants play a key role in helping senior citizens understand these rules and make sound legal and financial decisions. Signpost Aged Care Services has developed a client-friendly service in the area of aged care housing.

Aged care housing is one of Australia’s critical areas of service to elderly citizens. Signpost Aged Care Services helps applicants understand accommodation contracts for aged care and the rules pertaining to entry and exit as well as its fee structure.

Aged care advisors from Signpost Aged Care Services helps senior citizens find solutions based on their individual need. The agency provides solutions covering home-bound aged care, retirement communities, and aged care facilities across Australia. The firm also helps elderly citizens understand the implications of moving from a retirement home to aged care, filing a payment bond for aged care services, access federal funding.

According to a spokesperson for Signpost Aged Care Services, “The focus of our new business model is to help our elderly citizens navigate through the intricate framework of rules pertaining to aged care and accommodation. We place emphasis on clarity, compassion, and a thorough understanding of the aged care system in Australia to help our senior citizens through their unique circumstances.”

Headed by directors Sara Cook, a Registered Nurse for more than 13 years, and Margaret Harrison, a lawyer with more than two decades of experience, Signpost Aged Care Services is a Victorian aged care financial & legal advice firm specializing in placement and accommodation. Headquartered in Hawthorn, Victoria the firm provides specialist advice for aged care accommodation.

To enhance the well being and quality of life of our clients as they age through providing informed advice around aged care services.

To  give our clients the right information on aged care options, we believe they can live better lives as they become older.

To provide expert advice and guidance from a team who understand aged care.

To seek and provide a cost effective service.

Provide tailored solutions to get the best outcome for our clients in all areas of aged care.

Make it easy for clients and their families by taking away the stress of navigating the aged care maze.

To give our clients a better aged care solution than if they were to do so alone.

To employ a compassionate and caring team that understand the difficult time our clients may be going through.

Signpost will be independent our advice will be unbiased and we accept no referral fees or commissions.


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