Rea & Associates Strives To Share Financial And Industry-Specific Knowledge Through Various Types Of Newsletters

Rea & Associates Strives To Share Financial And Industry-Specific Knowledge Through Various Types Of Newsletters

Dublin accounting and business consulting firm has announced the release of its various newsletters to members of the public.

August 25, 2017 ( – Rea & Associates, a CPA and business consulting firm with an office in Dublin, has announced that it is releasing a variety of newsletters, in both print and digital format, for the general public. Rea stated that the purpose of its newsletters was to keep the public informed of internal developments within the company, as well as developments and trends within the industry. The company stated that, as a leading purveyor of financial advice, it strives to stay up-to-date with current trends, and seeks to share its knowledge with the public through various methods, one being many types of newsletters.

Rea announced that information pertaining to its newsletters can be found online under the News Room tab.  The company stated that the newsletters tab on its website does include an annual report. Rea stated that the purpose of the annual report was to show the public how the company is implementing its strategic plan. Rea announced that the annual report for 2016 is entitled In Motion, and can be viewed in its entirety online.

Rea went on to state that it also publishes a printed newsletter, called The Rea Report. The report covers a wide range of financial topics and is sent seasonally via the United States Postal Service. The company stated that its website contains a link that allows users to sign up to receive the report. Rea also stated that past issues of the report can be viewed digitally on its website.

Rea also announced that it sends out an email newsletter, called Illuminations, on a bi-weekly basis. According to Rea, the purpose of the newsletter is to provide the public with general, yet relevant, business tips. Rea stated that articles from previous newsletters can be found on its website in the article library.  They can be followed at

Rea stated that it also provides several industry-specific email newsletters, covering a variety of topics. According to Rea, the topics covered in these newsletters include (but are certainly not limited to) QuickBooks tips, retirement planning, and nonprofit organizations. Rea stated that subscription to these email newsletters is available online as well. Further details can be found at

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