Having A Master Commercial Locksmith On Call For Your Company

Having A Master Commercial Locksmith On Call For Your Company

A-AAnytime Lock & Key​ Service is a master commercial locksmith focused on reliable service to the owner, to provide high quality heavy-duty locks & supplies so the establishment & the people inside are safe. Since 1959 they have been providing commercial locksmith services to Atlanta.

August 26, 2017 ( datsyn.com) – A-AAnytime Lock & Key Service, is a full-service master commercial locksmith company that is certified ALOA, with a number of specialties that can enhance the security of retail spaces, office spaces or an industrial building.

James Williams, the owner can assess security threats to a commercial property may have and give the owner or manager the recommendations on locks, safes, door closers, exit bars and window security devices needed to not only protect the business’s assets but the employees and customers in the establishment. He can have an alarm system or video surveillance installed to enhance the security of the commercial establishment. If a company is worried about thieves kicking in a door there are security devices to prevent access to the building.

Since A-AAnytime Lock & Key Service has been in business since the 1950’s when James’s father owned the locksmith company giving James the ability to be raised in the locksmith field. So James really knows his stuff when it comes to being one of the best locksmiths in the Atlanta area.

Unlike other Atlanta Locksmiths, A-AAnytime Lock & Key Service only carries the best heavy duty locks not cheap locks available at the local hardware store.The locks are always installed with extra long screws for security. As seen on TV there are many vulchers in the locksmith field that regularly rip people off, A-AAnytime Lock & Key Service tries to fight against those crimes by informing people what to expect from a reliable locksmith. For instance the main organization they should be members of is the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA). Always ask to look at their credentials as well, A legitimate locksmith in Atlanta should have a valid state locksmith license or registration.

A business owner in any of these areas or nearby are in luck because these are the areas that A-AAnytime Lock & Key Service provide locksmith services to Aldora, Atlanta, Barnesville, Brooks, Butler, College Park, Concord, Conley, Culloden, Fairburn, Fayetteville, Flippen, Flovilla, Forest Park, Forsyth, Gay, Grantville, Greenville, Griffin, Hampton, Haralson, Hapeville, Jackson, Jenkinsburg, Jonesboro, Locust Grove, Lovejoy, Luthersville, Macon, McDonough, Milner, Meansville, Molena, Monticello, Moreland, Morrow, Musella, Newnan, Orchard Hill, Palmetto, Peachtree City, Rex, Reynolds, Riverdale, Roberta, Senoia, Shady Dale, Sharpsburg, Stockbridge, Sunnyside, Thomaston, Turin, Tyrone, Union City, Warner Robins, Woodbury, Woolsey, Yatesville, and Zebulon.

Our family has been in the locksmith service industry since 1959, when my dad started this Atlanta locksmith company. I grew up in the locksmith industry and took the locksmith company over in 1994. I learned the locksmith trade in my opinion by the best “My Dad”.

Not only did he teach me about locks and security but he also taught me about customer service, honesty and integrity. I am still providing locksmith services to clients he brought into our business years before I took over. There are not very many other Atlanta locksmith companies that can say that!                         

Our Atlanta locksmith company was established to provide efficient, expert solutions to businesses and individuals.


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