Gaming Industry Leader Joins BrainTap Technologies as Chief Technology Officer

Gaming Industry Leader Joins BrainTap Technologies as Chief Technology Officer

BrainTap Technologies bring gaming industry leader on board as their Chief Technology Officer.

August 23, 2017 ( Bern, North Carolina – BrainTap Technologies, a New Bern, North Carolina-based digital health company announced today the appointment of Mr. John C. O’Neill to their rapidly growing tech team. O’Neill, a two-decade leader in the gaming industry, brings to BrainTap his in-depth knowledge of both entertainment and serious game development.

BrainTap Technologies is a digital health company based in New Bern offering a mobile app membership for enhancing quality of life by relaxing, rebooting, and strengthening busy brains and bodies. Each of over 700 BrainTap audio-sessions is uniquely encoded with algorithms to enhance brain wave activity and help users de-stress, sleep great, get focused, and live life more fully. BrainTap audios restore the brain’s natural balance so users can operate at peak performance and acquire the positive lifestyle they want—naturally. 

For those who want to amplify their braintapping experience, the BrainTap headset adds gentle light pulses delivered through the headset’s visor to guide the user into an ultimate state of whole brain balance, providing maximum results in the least time. “My goal for BrainTap is to develop exciting new gaming technology for the company’s growing community of braintappers™. It will be a one-stop platform for tracking and sharing mind-body health-related achievements.” O’Neill plans to develop these gaming tools on BrainTap’s PC and mobile platforms. “We’re thrilled and honored to have John on board at BrainTap. We’re confident that his special kind of gaming genius will bring a new dimension to digital health like never seen before,” said New Bern resident and BrainTap CEO Patrick K. Porter, PhD. 

O’Neill began working in the gaming space prior to graduating from N.C. State in 1996, working at MicroProse on the popular Civilization II Strategy Game. He then joined Vicious Cycle Software where he served as Director of Business Development.

O’Neill founded Spark Plug Games in 2008. The company started out strong with the development of Innov8 for IBM. It was a more serious approach to gaming and was used by IBM to help train MBA students in business process management. The idea later became the subject of a feature story in Business Week magazine. Under O’Neill’s leadership, Spark Plug Games has emerged as a leading independent games developer for a variety of hardware platforms including Sony PlayStation4, Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox 360, and Apple’s iPhone.

O’Neill is a respected and influential voice in the gaming space, frequently working with international corporations in emerging hardware technology. He has also taught game development courses at NC State University, and has served as a member of the computer science Strategic Advisory Board.

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