Film Villain Productions Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Fund Ekstasis

Film Villain Productions Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Fund Ekstasis

A film that explores the dangers of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Ekstasis delves into what the future may hold for a human race obsessed with technology.

August 09, 2017 ( – In the future, people addicted to technology may link their brains to a virtual assistant such as Siri or Alexa.  The writer/director team of brothers, Raleigh and Kyle Moore, have posed questions such as:

– Will technology be a modern messiah which will save us all?
– Can A.I. void the world of anguish, suffering, and pain?
– Are we creating God?
– Are we sure of what we will find and when we do, will we still be the masters of our own designs?

A long-standing passion of both Moore brothers, Ekstasis combines three of their favorite fascinations:

Science fiction
– The dark side of life through the psychology of fear
– Capturing unique moments of the human experience

Their production company FILM Villain Productions is ready to begin once the funds are approved.  As a fully functional production team, items such as equipment, location, pre-production and development teams, along with editors are ready to go once funding is secured.

The Indiegogo campaign, located on the web at,  offers pledge levels from $1 to $3000, with rewards including everything from a shout out on the official Ekstasis website, backstage pass and party, an HD download of the movie, full digital movie package, behind the scenes look, super-fan package, associate producer, and executive producer status.  For more information, visit the Indiegogo page. 

Ekstasis is a science fiction film that explores the possibilities of a future where A.I. and the human brain are joined together. 


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