4FastPlumber Announces Important Update To Its Website

4FastPlumber Announces Important Update To Its Website

In a recent announcement, Fredericksburg, VA plumbing company stated that it has made a major update to its website, adding a ‘Tips and Hints’ section that will help Fredericksburg residents prepare for a service call.

August 03, 2017 ( datsyn.com) – 4FastPlumber recently announced a major change to its website, www.4fastplumber.com . The company announced that the reason for this recent update was to help people prepare for a plumbing service call. 4FastPlumber stated that, in the past, it has made service calls where the homeowner did not make the proper preparations to allow the service technician to do his or her work quickly and efficiently. 4FastPlumber went on to state that, by updating its website with tips on how to make those preparations, it will help homeowners greatly reduce the length of future service calls.

4FastPlumber announced that the recently-added tips and hints section contains many useful pieces of advice that will help homeowners better prepare for plumbing service calls. 4FastPlumber went on to list some of the tips and hints that were added to its website. 4FastPlumber stated that this new section of the website has information about water shutoff. According to 4FastPlumber, water must be shut off before plumbing work can occur.

The company stated that it is not necessary that homeowners shut the water off themselves, but they should know where the shutoff switch is located, so that they can easily direct the service technician to it. 4FasPlumber went on to state that many service calls are unnecessarily drawn out, because homeowners do not know where their water supply shutoff is located, and plumbers have to go looking for it.

4FastPlumber also stated that the tips and hints portion of its website contains information pertaining to turning off the breaker box. According to 4FastPlumber, the breaker box in a house needs to be turned off, same as the water supply. In their website update, the company stated that locating the breaker box will also save time on service calls.

Additionally, 4FastPlumber stressed the importance of keeping the work area clear, as doing so makes service calls not only quicker, but safer as well.

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