Interactive Recreation LLC launches Indiegogo Campaign for its Ureach Bracelet

Ureach is the ultimate VR controlling solution in the digital world and it will redefine the way people conceive the reality of science fiction into modern day realities.

Their personal programmable interface, allows developers, creators, and users alike, to take control of their Virtual and Augmented Reality. Point, click, move, and zoom, all with a flick of the wrist, regardless of the platform, headset or engine used by the operating system. Ureach is intuitive, using hand and wrist motions.

Ureach is a multi-platform peripheral with an interface that communicates directly with the Operating Systems (OS) and the VR/AR engines (Unity, Unreal, Far cry, …).

But the real kick is that Ureach does not require any other tracking device. Just calibrate your Ureach, upload the interface, create your profile and reach out to your personalized Virtual world. They considered the security aspect from the get go by creating a solid user recognition protocol, allowing you to remotely deactivate your Ureach via an App, killing all functions and uploaded data, have positive control of your Ureach, and the content delivered through their interface. Upload your bluetooth data links, register your RFID, then forget your car keys, and access cards, for good! It’s all on your wrist, secured! 

Source: PR