Floormat.com Partners With Businesses In The Restaurant Industry

Floormat.com Partners With Businesses In The Restaurant Industry

The floor matting solutions company provides restaurants with industry-specific matting and cleaning products.

July 14, 2017 ( datsyn.com) – Floormat.com, a leading provider of floor matting products, floor matting services and customized solutions for a wide variety of commercial and residential clients, has announced its ability to provide industry-standard workplace environment solutions specific to the restaurant industry.

“From the entryway to the vestibule, and from the heart of the house, to the back of the bar, our restaurant expertise is unmatched,” writes Floormat.com in introducing its partnership with the restaurant industry.

The customized floor matting solutions provider focuses the information on its ability to provide both matting and cleaning products necessary to the day-to-day operations of restaurants and bars. In describing the flooring and matting needs specifically, Floormat.com explains that whether its customers “require customized, inlay branded mats, or anti-slip and anti-fatigue mats for kitchen help, servers, bartenders, and other work station areas, we got you covered.”

Cleaning products required by restaurants that allow those businesses to meet the strict, specific cleanliness standards of the industry are also available. According to Floormat.com, “We even offer the cleaning power of industry specific non-alkaline aseptic cleaners, which scrub and degrease tile floors without damaging grout or the cross-link component of floor finishes.” Purchasing cleaning products from Floormat.com gives restaurant industry clients the added benefit of adding anti-slip friction to the restaurant’s floors and mats. This anti-slip friction is intended to improve the safety of both restaurant employees and restaurant patrons.

Floormat.com’s website breaks down the products it offers to the restaurant industry, and to a variety of other industries, into several categories. Visitors to the floor matting company’s website can browse through anti-slip tape & treads, cleaners & aseptics, floor mats, noise & vibration reducing products and specialty products. They can now be followed at yellowpages.cybo.com/US-img/floormat.com#e8045c6b4681382cc152c2644eeba557

In addition to providing products from top industry brands, as well as some that were designed and developed in-house by Floormat.com, the company also offers comprehensive, customized workplace environment solutions. To do this, Floormat.com sends out its expert consultants, known as Solutionists, to conduct evaluations and make recommendations based on the specific environment of each client, whether the client has a need for home, office, multi-business or global industry solutions. These Solutionists follow ADPAT, “an industry leading, consultative protocol, prescribing the most technically superior, turnkey solutions for those we serve.” www.facebook.com/Floormat-635768589928361/

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