Fortunate Investor: New Updated Website Released

Fortunate Investor: New Updated Website Released

Now anyone can grow their wealth with ease

July 07, 2017 ( – The Fortune Investor has just published a new and improved website for their readers. The husband and wife team hope their advice can help families and professionals around the country. The site features articles on a range of different topics, and all of them should assist people in making better financial decisions. Millions of individuals already use the domain to gain a better insight into the latest techniques. It is hoped the service will grow and expand during the next few years.

Mr. Fortunate Investor has more than twenty years professional experience as an entrepreneur. He’s dealt with almost every possible financial issue during that time. With an MBA, Mr. FI has worked as a banker, and as a manager in the financial services industry. So, he’s learned a thing or two about effective planning and wealth security. Mrs. Prudent Parent worked as a child psychologist, and she understands how to turn simple lessons into lifelong habits. Together, this couple plan to publish as much information as possible to help others.

The Fortunate Investor team outlines a philosophy for building long-term wealth on the website. They detail four steps that everyone needs to take to achieve success. The articles published on their blog show readers how to make each of those moves. The four stages include:

– Making a financial plan
– Building financial literacy
– Saving to invest and investing to save
– Creating long-term wealth and happiness

There are currently hundreds of useful articles freely available for anyone to read. Those posts detail some of the best advice found anywhere on the internet. Topics include:

– Saving
– Investing
– Managing Debt
– Family and Money
– Tax
– College Funding
– Coupons
– Retirement Planning
– Budgeting
– And much more

Users can even sign up to a mailing list, and that will ensure they never miss the latest content. During the last couple of years, The Fortunate Investor has gained a lot of media attention. Many top organizations have written about the service including US News, Entrepreneur, MSN, AOL, and more.

New visitors are encouraged to share posts and follow The Fortunate Investor on social media. The people behind this site want to ensure their advice assists as many American families as possible. That is why they made an improvement to the design, and that is why they continue to produce original and well-informed content. As members of The Finance Collective, the team only publishes the most accurate and up-to-date information on their website. So, nobody has to worry about reading facts or statistics that no longer apply.


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