Utah Family Attorney comes under fire for allegedly defrauding clients

Utah Family Attorney comes under fire for allegedly defrauding clients

Popular Utah Family Lawyer, Bradley (Brad) Carr, accused of falsely and forcefully obtaining monies from innocent clients

July 04, 2017 ( datsyn.com) – Largely described as disorganized and incompetent, Utah family lawyer, Bradley (Brad) Carr, otherwise known as Brad Carr has come under fire from different quarters. The lawyer with Utah Bar Number 14428 has been alleged of different crimes ranging from falsely obtaining monies from his clients without delivering the appropriate service, to failing to meet court appointments leading to lost cases.

Brad Carr is alleged of overcharging his clients and subsequently failing to deliver the required services. This has led to many people not only losing their monies, but also costing them important life assets such as child custody.

Attorney Brad Carr of www.carrwoodall.com in Utah and his partner James H. Woodall have also been accused of being incompetent and lacking the requisite skills and knowledge to be called lawyers. An alleged drunk, Brad Carr has been accused of not been able to write things as simple as motion papers, but Carr let’s incompetent “paralegals” without a lawyer’s license file court cases illegally.

His negligent on different fronts has been reported to cause sorrow and sadness to many families. It is even more worrisome that despite reports of his escapades and exploits, Brad Carr remains a practicing lawyer, with many innocent clients falling victim of his fraudulent activities.

He has been reported on platforms like Ripoff Report. His previous clients have allegedly warned the public against doing business with Brad Carr under the law firm, Carr & Woodall, PLLC, established with his partner, James H. Woodall.

Brad Carr has his firm located on 10808 S. River Front Pkwy, Suite 175, South Jordan, Utah 84095 and his clients – previous and present, are calling the attention of the necessary bodies to the possible arrest and subsequent prosecution of Brad Carr and his partner, James H. Woodall.

It is the interest of the public that these persons are held responsible for their actions to ensure sanity in the legal sector.


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