New financial product of Bururo Fund (BRR) crazed by Hongkong investors

New financial product of Bururo Fund (BRR) crazed by Hongkong investors

“There seems to be a whole rush for buying BRR new financial product these days, We are busy for the sales work of financial product, it is very hot, crazed by investors in Hongkong” Lisa said in June 30,2017.

July 03, 2017 ( – Who worked at private financial business company. Why the Hongkong civilian like the Bururo Fund (BRR)financial product.

Lisa told Nanfang finance Newspaper reporter Wangpeng: “The BRR came into Hongkong in April 2017, people buy the funds of Bururo Fund (BRR),which bright a good high return to the investor”. the BRR is the short name of American BURURO Africa Wealth Fund, founded in Michigan U.S.A, in June,2015.which sponsored and created by the people with insight, including the Forbes World Billionaire, the economist, the lawyer,the ordinary man and others. Fund adopts the most advance international management model of investment fund, that is dynamically and open-ended, so investors could join BRR at anytime.

Jack Fang, the CEO of Bururo Fund in Aisa, said“ Investment manner of the BRR based on Africa projects, which have been put into operation, and gains highly stable return through the way of collectively cooperating investment with the local. Bururo Fund provides a platform of financial management for investors around the world with shared vision and value. In addition, it provides a highly efficient stable service for millions of investors from America, Asia, Africa, and Europe, etc. it creates vast returns to them since the BRR founded. thanks to the capital of investment in the world and the world first class management team of the BRR. ” on occasion of marketing sales in June 30,2017.

Wangpeng login the BRR’s website ( ), which shows Bururo Fund(BRR)investment area including Travel Resorts, Land reserve, Real estate, Resource development, Culture Entertainment, Internet Communication, E-commerce & Digital currency, Securities(P.E&V.C).

On interview spot, Wangpeng said “Hongkong civilian like Bururo Fund(BRR)because of Bururo Fund (BRR)services investors of the world with high return, The BRR contributes to investors not only rich returns also a brilliant wealth life. ”


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