Get More Leads From Local Searches With This Google Maps Tool For Boosting Visitors In Glasgow

Get More Leads From Local Searches With This Google Maps Tool For Boosting Visitors In Glasgow

A new report has been launched by Scottish digital marketing experts Purple Pico, focusing on the benefits of the “Google My Business” tool. It shows people how they can increase their rankings for local searches to get more business.

June 30, 2017 ( – Purple Pico, the Scottish digital marketing and SEO specialists, have launched a new report on the benefit of using the ‘Google My Business’ tool to achieve strong ranking results and engage with customers. It explains that business can use the tool to achieve lead generation success, boosting their Google rankings, getting more visitors and boosting sales of products and services.

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The site explains that Purple Pico is a customer facing SEO agency with an emphasis on helping local businesses to stand out and make an impact online through tailored and effective search engine optimisation campaigns.

It has been helping clients to establish themselves online since 1992, and takes pride in getting the best results for businesses looking to boost their reputation and improve brand awareness, regardless of their niche.

The latest report from Purple Pico focuses on a little known method for lead generation and SEO, which is too often ignored by businesses looking to succeed in the online marketplace.

The ‘Google My Business’ tool helps people to appear on local map listings when people search online for nearby services and facilities. Since increasing emphasis is being put on local and Map based searches, it is an arena that businesses should place a lot of focus for improving their rankings online.

Businesses in any niche can use the ‘Google My Business’ dashboard to bolster their online presence when people search for keyword strings in their niche.

In addition to this, it helps businesses to appear at the top of mobile apps like Yelp, and can also help provide an advantage when it comes to generic mobile searches from nearby that are conducted without the use of mobile apps.

The tool allows people to prioritise Google reviews, which in turn helps when people search for nearby services, because reviews are listed alongside the business.

Further, it allows people to list clickable information, helping to boost visitors clicking through to their main website, allowing them to increase sales of products and services.

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Purple Pico Promotions Is an entrepreneur driven team of reputation management and lead generation aficionados. As business owners with direct experience of the struggles, stresses and strains of running a business, Purple Pico’s mission is to solve the problem of how business can consistently acquire more customers and being found on search through high visibility brand positioning. Purple Pico was founded by Maya Mendoza, in 2016 as a sister company to her hybrid digital marketing company Milagro Fusion Marketing.

We understand the struggles, stresses and strains of running your business and we are here to make life easier for you and give you back the time and money freedom you crave.

Every skill and service that we bring to you we apply every day to our own successful endeavors. We promise to treat your business with the respect, passion and care that we give to our own.


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