New Website Launch For Holiday Inn At Calgary Airport

New Website Launch For Holiday Inn At Calgary Airport

Making accommodation arrangements has never been easier!

June 22, 2017 ( – A world-famous chain has just published a new website for their hotel at Calgary Airport. Holiday Inn has gone from strength to strength during the last decade. So, it should come as no surprise the company is making serious investments this year. The owners hope the new site will assist in making bookings easier for all their customers. People traveling to Canada often have to take long-haul flights to reach their destinations. For that reason, finding a decent hotel near to the airport is a top priority. Well, now anyone can do that with ease.

The new site offers a booking tool that enables travelers to check availability. They can also pay for their rooms and get everything sorted in advance. That’s going to take the weight off the minds of people who arrive in Canada this summer. The Holiday Inn at Calgary Airport is a popular destination. So, visitors should be glad to know the website boasts a section that shows images of all available rooms. That means nobody should arrive having booked something unsuitable. Business travelers should be glad to learn desks are commonplace. The hotel also offers an excellent WiFi connection that’s reliable and secure.

Guests who visit the site can check the dining situation and view all amenities before they book. So, it’s possible to ensure the establishment contains everything people require. There is also a section that highlights attractions and things to do in the local area. It helps travelers to save time and ensure they make the most of their experience. Most people who stay at airport hotels online book a couple of nights. That is because they are the perfect places to recoup and plan the rest of any trip.

Anyone who encounters issues with the booking service just needs to contact the team. There is always someone around to answer questions and offer advice. The employees working for Holiday Inn benefit from high levels of training. So, customers are never passed from pillar to post when they require assistance. Use the details at the bottom of this page or visit the website to get in touch.

When it comes to luxury accommodation in the best locations, nobody can beat Holiday Inn. The company consistently reviews their services and their approach to hospitality. They listen to suggestions and always strive to provide the best rooms possible. The latest website launch just goes to show how committed they are to maintaining their position as the world’s favorite hotel firm. Contact them today find out more and make bookings. The friendly staff aims to cater to all the needs of their customers.


Source: PR