Importance of Advertising Creative Design to New product Marketing of a Famous Advertiser, Zhang Fangyu

Importance of Advertising Creative Design to New product Marketing of a Famous Advertiser, Zhang Fangyu

Zhang Fangyu, a famous advertiser, had served for Ogilvy Advertising, international famous 4A advertising company, as creative director for many years, had experience in serving multiple international clients.

June 12, 2017 ( – As a creative designer, besides needing comprehensive knowledge reserve and open thinking style, mastering all kinds of art forms is a quality that an elite advertiser should have and often cannot fully possess. An excellent creative advertisement must be the product of the perfect fusion of art form and commerce. It is also the key that advertising works from Zhang Fangyu had won many awards and praise.If the concept of advertising creativity must be defined, Zhang Fangyu thought that, advertising creativity is to highlight the product characteristics and brand connotation through unique technical techniques or ingenious advertising script, and promote the sales of new products; is an artistic creative thinking activity carried out to set up and reproduce the theme of advertising.To sum up, advertising creative design is to convey creative information, ideas, or novel viewpoints through advertising forms to achieve the purpose of promoting new products.It presents as the perfect combination of art and technology, intended to attract consumers’ eyeballs through audio-visual and other media means to create a perfect, novel and singular product image picture, so as to promote propaganda and marketing of new products.This is different from the general meaning of creative thinking, advertising creative design is essentially based on the new product market, consumer object, competition among enterprises and other factors to plan advertisement, to look for consumption reasons to convince consumers of this type of product, and create persuasive advertising through creative thinking activities, to achieve successful marketing of new products. The meaning of new product.

Zhang Fangyu also mentioned the opinions on the important effect of advertising creative design on new product marketing. How to make the advertising creative design correspond to the brand image of new product? How to show the appearance image features and internal utility of new product? How do complete the consumer’s interpretation of new product through effective advertising? How do you advertise the benefits brought by new product to consumers? All the above need advertising creative designers fully think about key issues in how to promote new product marketing. For most consumers, the desire to buy new products is to seek some kind of use effectiveness to satisfy material and spiritual needs. Advertising creative design is not equivalent to artistic creation, it is purposeful activity based on some kind of information transmission. Therefore, it must comply with purpose of advertising propaganda and advertising strategy for new product marketing, in essence, is a commercial act, the main function is to convey information, the ultimate goal is to promote new product marketing.

Advertising creative design can successfully narrow the distance between the new product and the target consumer, make new products accepted by them, produce resonance only based on the target consumer groups, starting from the consumer users.Appeal simple mediocrity, lack of creativity can directly affect the image of new product, make sales poor. The significance of creativity does not lie in deliberate association of something that no one has ever thought of. The key is when truly unstandard what problems can a product solve for consumers, where is the link between brand and consumer, whether have the ability to use your unique language to present them thoroughly and be noticed and understood by the audience. According to today’s economic development factors, many new products are under homogeneous market conditions, the role of advertising creative design in new product marketing is just as fish cannot live without water, birds have no sky. If the new product marketing lose effective advertising creative design to distinguish selling points products in the rational or emotional, then buyers of new product have no choice, also lost the role to reflect identity value. Therefore, strategic marketing effect of advertising creative design on new products lost the most essential meaning.

Advertising creative design is not equivalent to pure artistic creation and general design issues, it needs to pay attention to commodities, markets, target consumers and its echoes. In fact, the process of enterprise choosing advertising in new product marketing component is the process of communication among advertisement, enterprise and consumer.

If the advertising creative design of new product marketing is just working behind closed doors, a powerful and unconstrained style style, this kind of creative design is novel, ingenious and unique of course, it is still just a visual feast of art rather than advertising, lost its value for new product marketing application, not to mention the promotion of marketing, and bringing huge economic benefits for enterprise.


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