This New Platform Allows You To Easily Find STD Testing Locations

This New Platform Allows You To Easily Find STD Testing Locations

Community family planning centers used to be the “go to” place for anyone seeking help and medical advice about their sexual health, but this is changing.

June 09, 2017 ( – Losses in funding have forced many of these centers to close their doors. This doesn’t have to cause a significant gap in sexual health care, you still have options when it comes to STD testing.

Now you can take advantage of a brand new platform. At Safer STD Testing we believe that everyone should have access to fast, easy and affordable STD testing. You can use our platform to locate STD testing centers and clinics near you, and get access to Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HIV tests and more. Simply find your nearest center by pinpointing your location on screen, by popular cities or states here:

With our new platform, you can do the following:

– Search by specific test type to see which clinics offer what type of STD testing.
– Compare the differences between public and private clinics.
– Find the nearest clinic based on your actual location.
– The option to order a private test online or via phone through preferred service providers.

Do You Need To Get Tested For STDs?

Many people think that they only need to get tested for STDs if they have symptoms. However, STD rates are rising across all demographics. It’s also important to remember that not all STDs display immediate symptoms. If you leave your STDs untreated for too long, you are putting your health in serious danger.  Learn more here:

It’s a good idea to get tested if you’ve had unprotected sex or even if you have only had a small number of partners. You may also have symptoms that are worrying you, or fear you have been exposed to an STD. Whatever the circumstances, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Going To Public STD Testing Clinics

– You can walk-in or make an appointment. Possibility of high wait times.
– Locations in many communities however, everybody knows why you’re there.
– Results may take 1-2 weeks. Variety of testing methods to choose from, though may differ between clinics.

Going To A Private STD Testing Clinic

– No appointment needed. Usually a quick 15 min lab test.
– Testing and results are at a reputable private lab facility such as Quest Diagnostics or Labcorp.
– Testing available for all common STDs.Test results received within 3 business days so you can begin treatment.

STD rates are rising nationwide. The CDC and state health departments strongly recommends everyone that is sexually active get tested regularly for STDS.


Source: PR