eLearning Company, 42DesignSquare, Wins an International Multimedia Awards

eLearning Company, 42DesignSquare, Wins an International Multimedia Awards

42 Design Square, an eLearning company won an International Media Awards back in 2015.

June 08, 2017 ( datsyn.com) – They were able to acquire such award for being the best in class and training/vocational. They were able to create a really amazing e-learning safety game called “Nine Lives of Electra” with the use of eLearning software and their eLearning process.

Nine Lives of Electra is a Step Potential Safety Training game, wherein the main goal of the player is to save Electra through 9 lives. If the player can provide the correct response on the first attempt, then it would be added in the credit balance. On the other hand, if the player has provided an incorrect response, then Electra loses a life. Nevertheless, the game does end with Electra losing all its 9 lives for the player can still use the credit balance of the lives saved to continue the game. Hence, the more lives saved, the better.

It is not easy for eLearning companies to be given such award and despite many companies exerting their best effort, not all of them has been successful at it. However, this company was able to accomplish it because of the great teamwork of their team that is composed of the best talents in this industry. People can expect more great things from this company. Also, apart from winning the International Multimedia Awards, they have also won the International E-learning Association (IELA) awards on the same year. Currently, the company is offering a wide range of eLearning solutions for people who wanted to achieve their training goals in the fastest time possible.

42 Design Square is a company that offers eLearning solution that can be accessed using multiple devices. As a result, they are able to provide people with an eLearning experience that can provide them defined results and will allow them to achieve the goals that they have. At present, they are serving Fortune 1000 companies from different industries including pharmaceuticals, insurance and finance. They also offer a variety of eLearning tools on their site. On the other hand, their services include CAD-based product training, rapid eLearning, certifications, consulting for games and so much more.


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