At Capitas, Clients' Real Estate and Investments Excel beyond National Frontiers

At Capitas, Clients’ Real Estate and Investments Excel beyond National Frontiers

Offering investors clear-cut opportunity to international real estatedevelopment

June 07, 2017 ( – Capitas experts in international real estate development and strategic investment advice prides itself in the service of sourcing, advising and structuring international real estate transactions for the purpose of generating exceptional returns for all its investors and partners.

Investors who desire a firm with versatility and discipline in addition to having keen eyes to identify, assess, and oversee unique international investment opportunities across various real estate sectors in the United States and Europe need look no further. Capitas Group is all that and more.

As a leader in the international real estate and financial consultancy business, Capitas has maintained an edge through rigorous screening of all its real estate transactions, monitoring asset performance, counterparty risks, tracking current and future market trends and assisting its partners in key decision making with respect to assets or portfolio level operation and dispositions.

Capitas has been in operation since 2005 and is led by a senior management team with over 70 years of experience in real estate, finance, and law. These experts have led Capitas Group to achieve immeasurable successes and facilitated its international expansion into Saudi Arabia where a joint venture agreement was signed with the Islamic Development Bank; this gave birth to Capitas Group International (CGI) or CGI Saudi Arabia in 2009.

In 2015, the company accomplished another milestone when it started operations in Dubai, United Arab Emirate. Capitas Dubai came to be as a result of the company’s exit from a joint partnership with the Islamic Development Bank Group. Capitas also partnered with private investors in Dubai to ensure investors and partners have access to an exclusive global network. In Dubai, it is located in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).  The license to operate was given by the Dubai Financial Services Authority.

In its twelve years of existence Capitas has launched “Greenfield financial platforms worth over 600 million dollars, overseen large scale real estate development projects with a market value in excess of two billion dollars, and has partnered with and advised Royal and private family offices, as well as private and public sector institutions such as Deutsche Bank, the Islamic Development Bank, Pacific Life, AIG, the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia and sovereign funds serving the MENA region.”

Capitas Group was founded by Naveed Siddiqui in 2005. Ithas seven independent financial and real estate platforms launched in the Americas, Middle East and North Africa regions. It was launched in the US with headquarters is in New York. Now, it is located in Dubai, UAE.


Source: PR