Linked Agency Announces International SEO Service

Linked Agency Announces International SEO Service

Those who practice and advise others on multilingual digital marketing and international SEO are missing a very important factor; their unfamiliarity with the local market and local SEO trends has led them to target only non English key phrases and rank them on Google. This is not enough.

June 06, 2017 ( – Many media companies these days are targeting keywords in other languages, hiring translators and relatively inexperienced SEOs to work on their websites. By setting up a targeted campaign for non-English countries, companies believe this will automatically translate into sales and leads; this, however, is not always the case. The process is more complicated than meets the eye.

There is also the issue of being unaware of the  local SEO strategies  and the use of local language; slang within a locality can affect SEO greatly. Not knowing these aspects can render all SEO tactics ineffective. Rather, because every project is different when it comes to each country and business, the standard practices that are posted online should be ignored; instead, the focus should be on getting a hold of the correct people who understand the location, language, and customer base.

This fact is imperative to implement; local businesses will not allow foreign businesses to become their competitors unless they know the culture, language, and local trends. Along with knowing local sales and marketing parameters, local language and local SEO content knowledge are the keys to becoming successful.

Let’s scare away competitors by hiring local SEO experts. Businesses can diversify their international SEO  marketing strategies  and benefit from Ireland search engine optimization expertise. 

With this in mind,  Linked Agency  is an Ireland search engine optimization company; they have worked on various niches and promote many companies online. 


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