90-Day Transformation Program Now Avaliable for Those Looking to Shed, Sculpt and Regain Control

90-Day Transformation Program Now Avaliable for Those Looking to Shed, Sculpt and Regain Control

Focused on changing lives and restoring a healthy lifestyle balance to individuals who feel they are teetering on the edge of wellness, SYPerformance, a health and fitness group have released the 90-Day Transformation Program. This program combines healthy eating with exercise to increase fitness.

June 06, 2017 ( datsyn.com) – SY Performance, a health and fitness personal training company, based in Burbank, California, has released a new and updated 90-day body transformation program that improves fitness levels and muscle tone. Using a combination of cross-style exercises, Tabata, a high-intensity interval training derived from Japan, and traditional body building, these powerful fitness approaches combined with healthy clean eating get program participants into the best shape of their life.

More information is available at syperformanceone.com.

Released in late May, the updated SY Performance 90-Day Transformation Program adapts to suit the individual needs of each user. Each nutritional plan is individually designed and meets the specific needs of the program participants. Each exercise plan is also customized to the individual’s specific goals and current level of fitness. Combined, the nutritional and exercise plans allow program participants to make permanent changes to their lifestyle and shape-up by increasing lean muscle, and maintain their healthy new-found way of living.

In an effort to test the system’s effectiveness, Scott Yonehiro, head trainer and performance coach at SY Performance, who created the program, deliberately ate unhealthy foods and stopped exercising so he could get heavy again. Gaining 50lbs, Scott then used his 90-day program to regain his former level of health and fitness.

Overall, the 90-Day Transformational Program is about taking control of life and learning how to make the most of it, so individuals feel energetic and able to cope with daily challenges. Having an elevated level of fitness and health creates a high standard of wellbeing not only physically but also mentally.

A small, but knowledgeable personal training group, SY Performance headed by Scott Yonehiro, is responsible for delivering the foundations of the 90-Day Transformational Program and aids individuals to reach their goals and stay on task.

When asked about the 90-day Transformation Program, Ryan a graduate said, “The 90-day challenge was three months of clean eating, with cheat days, and three days a week of working out with a SYP trainer, along with three days of cardio. I was so anxious that it was a huge challenge not to overdo it. But because I was eating healthy, it was easier to listen to my body. After my final weigh-in with Scott, I went to my car, shut the door, and wept like a happy mother talking to her inner child. I did it! Joining the 90-day program was about leading a healthy lifestyle. I have never been so happy. My head is clearer, smarter, and my life has a strong balance.”

To find out more about SY Performance and their 90-day Body Transformation Program or the FunXional Fitness Gym, call or visit www.yelp.com/biz/sy-performance-burbank-3.

Born and raised on the island of Oahu in Hawai’i, Scott was no stranger to physical activities and fitness. At a very young age island children learn to pick up boards and hit the waves with an intense vigor as almost a rite of passage. Strength has always been revered in Hawai’i and young island boys quickly turning into men hit weight lifting, martial arts and other sports at a very early age. Scott was fortunate enough to have a renowned strength and boxing gym that his uncle owned and where Scott would begin his journey into fitness and understanding the human body and all of its potential.


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