Floormat.com Publishes Case Study Of Work Within The Healthcare Industry

Floormat.com Publishes Case Study Of Work Within The Healthcare Industry

Industry-leading provider of floor matting products improved safety at the Cleveland Clinic

June 05, 2017 ( datsyn.com) – Floormat.com, a leading provider of floor matting equipment, products and custom solutions to clients in a diverse set of industries, has published a brief case study demonstrating its ability to improve the safety- and comfort-level of healthcare industry workplaces. The healthcare industry case study is an installment of the company’s True Match True Stories series, available in full on its website, that provide examples of custom floor matting solutions for specific industries.

The healthcare industry case study focuses on Floormat.com’s work with The Cleveland Clinic, a nationally-recognized, full-service healthcare facility based in Cleveland, Ohio. The case study notes that The Cleveland Clinic sought Floormat.com’s help in addressing safety concerns in their testing facilities. The safety concerns involved the presence of paraffin wax, a substance used in many pathology hospital labs that can become a safety hazard when it is tracked on the floor of the lab area and on the floor of hallways near the lab area. The Cleveland Clinic experienced several falls and injuries that it traced to the presence of this paraffin wax.

To solve the problem, Floormat.com writes that it dispatched a Solutionist—a member of its team that visits sites to find the best floor matting solutions for the particular environment—to provide the lab with a free consultation. After the consultation, Floormat.com “remedied the problem by carpeting the lab wall to wall, each workstation custom fitted and the entrance and exit areas fused. And we added a custom style mat in the hall to safeguard the job, successfully containing nearly all the paraffin within the confines of the lab.” The floor mat company adds that it utilized a specific type of carpet weave designed to trap the paraffin away from trafficked areas.

In addition to this work altering the permanent floorscape of the lab area, Floormat.com also designed custom footrests with the same paraffin-trapping material. The company explains that it “created triple thick footrests for the technicians, reducing fatigue while catching paraffin reside from their footwear.” Thus, the paraffin was prevented both at the source and the scene of its accumulation. The new matting had the added benefit, according to the case study, of reducing vibration from the lab’s centrifuges, resulting in a quieter environment and more accurate instrument performance. Further details can be found at floormat.com/true-match/helping-hospitals-advance-healthcare/

Floormat.com provides custom floor matting solutions for both individual and business clients. It provides consultations that are designed to find the optimal matting solution for the unique environment of each client. For more information on the company’s custom solutions or to view its stock of floor matting equipment and products, it may be contacted using the contact information below


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