Tool Bar Crew Introduces Site Status Checker

Tool Bar Crew Introduces Site Status Checker

Site Is Offline extension gives users access to important information

June 04, 2017 ( – Tool Bar Crew, a noted name in the world of digital solutions has launched its Site Status Checker, which gives users the power of information they need.

Today the world of business and the nature of professional tasks have changed to a large extent. People often conduct their business online and have to visit several websites practically every day. It’s also true for professionals who work from home and have to stay on top of things at all times.

However things get tricky when one finds a website to be offline. The question that needs to be asked then is whether the website is online for everyone or for specific individuals. Now with the help of this simple Site Checker extension, users can get this information at the earliest. They don’t need to go through tricky procedures to get the task done.

Site Is Offline is an extension, which has clearly been built with the intention of giving users access to information they need. Tool Bar Crew has earned its stripes amongst users on the back of high quality solutions it offers them. This easy to use extension is a similar effort that has advantages for practically all users.

It is an efficient website online status checker, which helps users find out whether a site is down only for them or others as well. This information can be crucial for users for a variety of reasons. Now they can get the information easily by simply downloading the extension that is lightweight and compatible with most devices too.

It is an extension, which helps users get useful information about whether a website is offline for them.


Source: PR