Rasdale Stamp Company Announces Its Decision To Buy Stamps Directly From Collectors, Online

Rasdale Stamp Company Announces Its Decision To Buy Stamps Directly From Collectors, Online

Long-time Chicago stamp auction house has introduced an online platform where stamp collectors can initiate a sale or consignment over the internet.

May 30, 2017 ( datsyn.com) – Rasdale stamp company – a longtime stamp retailer and auction house located in the Chicago area – has recently announced an innovative change in the way that it purchases stamps from collectors. Now, anyone interested in selling stamps to Rasdale Stamp Company can fill out an online form. Rasdale encourages non-collectors – that is, people who may have inherited a stamp collection that they did not actively collect – to fill out the form as well. According to its website, Rasdale is “a third-generation business assisting both collectors and non-collectors to receive a fair market value for their stamps.”

According to Rasdale, filling out the required information for sale or consignment is a simple and easy process. An interested seller would go to Rasdale’s website, www.rasdalestamps.com , and click on the “Sell Your Collection” tab. The required information is mostly self-explanatory. Users would simply fill out their basic contact information, what type of stamps they are looking to sell (foreign, domestic, mint, etc.), the format of their stamp collection (albums, stock books, etc.), as well of the source of the stamp collection, which includes such information as how the stamps were obtained and what the appraised value of the collection is. Rasdale Stamp Company states that once they have received the completed form, they will contact the customer to discuss options.

Rasdale Stamp Company is pleased to announce that it will still be holding its live auctions, and that schedules and catalogs for upcoming auctions can be found on its website. Rasdale is proud to be the oldest family-owned and operated stamp auction house in the United States, having been in business since 1932. Rasdale also announced that customers can view opening bids for each auction, so that they can get an understanding of what the bid prices are for each lot. Further details can be found at www.rasdalestamps.com/openingbids.asp . Rasdale went on to state that online users can bid in live auctions – in real time – using Rasdale Live. Users must register at least 72 hours prior to the start of the auction, in order to place bids. Rasdale encouraged users to register, so that they will be able to easily place bids when the next auction begins.


Source: PR