Pickens Construction Publishes Portfolio

Pickens Construction Publishes Portfolio

South Carolina construction company allows website visitors to scroll through a portfolio of a variety of project photos

May 30, 2017 ( datsyn.com) – Pickens Construction, an industry-leading construction company based in Anderson, South Carolina that specializes in asphalt paving construction, has published a portfolio of recent projects. Interested parties can view the portfolio in its entirety on the company’s website, which is provided in the contact information below.

The portfolio published by Pickens Construction contains photographs of work completed by the construction company. Each photograph is accompanied by a brief description of the client for which the project was completed and a brief description of the nature of the work that was recently completed. Based on the photographs and descriptions, the portfolio represents the variety of different types of clients served by Pickens Construction, as well as the variety of different types of asphalt paving construction jobs that the South Carolina asphalt company has experience with.

One type of project able to be completed by Pickens Construction, as evidenced by the photographs, is asphalt construction on a major road or highway. The portfolio includes two photographs of the asphalt construction company’s work on Salem Church Road in Anderson. The photographs depict Pickens workers as they freshly pave a large section of the road near the Anderson Ford dealership.

The portfolio also highlights the company’s work on asphalt outside of community buildings. One aerial photograph in the construction company’s online portfolio shows its work paving the winding roadways leading to and around North Pointe Elementary School in Anderson. Two other photographs show that Pickens revamped the parking lot and entry/exit area of the Anderson Recreation Center.

Commercial clients are also served by Pickens Construction, as shown in images of the company’s work on the parking lots for AT&T, the Super BI-LO grocery store and the Anderson Burger King.

Pickens Construction has specialized in many different aspects of construction, from highway construction to asphalt paving construction, since its founding in 1946. Currently, the principles of the company are William B. Pickens, Jr., the company’s President and Philip Crocker, the company’s Chief Estimator. The two principles bring over 65 years of combined experience in the asphalt paving construction industry.

The company is state certified in both South Carolina and Georgia, and it maintains a fully staffed lab. Further details about the asphalt paving construction company’s recent projects, or for more information on the specific asphalt services, including clearing, grading and surface treatments for streets, parking lots and more, can be found at pickensconstruction.com/our-services/


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