Ecoflor Is Providing The Highest Quality Commercial Flooring In The UK

Ecoflor Is Providing The Highest Quality Commercial Flooring In The UK

Available now, polished concrete and resin systems to give your establishment a sleek look

May 29, 2017 ( – Ecoflor has been the leader in providing commercial properties and businesses flooring, made from the highest quality materials since 2004. They currently are the go to when it comes to resin floor systems, and their work can be seen all throughout the UK in PLC’s. Flooring can have many different finishes to suit any clients needs, and can be made of a varying materials. When the desired effect is a sleek look, Ecoflor can provide you with a polished concrete or resin that will shine like a diamond.

Depending on a client’s priorities, be it durability, thickness, overall look, or even hygienic flooring. Ecoflor provides flawless finishes no matter what option a client will choose. Managing director, Nigel Davies has said “ Each polished concrete and resin floor gets the same level of service and attention. From the smallest commercial project to large area industrial floor projects, you can be sure that our workforce and supply partners are working together to provide you with the best floors, on time and on budget.“. This commitment to each client has been shown in many of the rave reviews they have received, and the quality of work displayed in the commercial locations they have worked with.

Ecoflor’s main office is located at Regus House, Malthouse Avenue, Cardiff Gate Business Park, Cardiff and serves the UK nationwide. They are from start to finish the UK’s first choice in commercial flooring. Once an enquiry has been made, clients can go over all the options and really prioritize what qualities are needed, and what overall look they are trying to achieve. Flooring can last a lifetime if treated well, and the right type is applied for the application it is being used for. Choosing Ecoflor, means you are choosing the highest standard that will stand the test of time, whatever maybe thrown at it. Commercial properties that use heavy machinery will be needing the most durable flooring, and choosing Ecoflor’s products will save thousands down the road, since you won’t be needing to replace it in the near future. Let Ecoflor show you what your property has been missing, inquire today to get started with an estimate and to discuss your options.

For more information about how Ecoflor can completely change the look of your area with their high quality polished concrete or resin systems visit their website at


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