Discover The Latest Political News In Florida Including The Expected Memorial Day Weekend Travel Numbers At This Site

Discover The Latest Political News In Florida Including The Expected Memorial Day Weekend Travel Numbers At This Site

A new report on Memorial Day weekend travel has been released by Florida Political News. The online new site provides their readers with news coverage of Florida’s current issues, politics, business and people.

May 28, 2017 ( – A Florida based news website, Florida Political News, has released a new Memorial day report. Florida Political News is a political news website that produces coverage on the people, companies, industries, politics and current issues of Florida.

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Florida Political New’s website explains that they are one of the top ranked news sites in Florida and that their readers look to them for fair and balanced news on a wide range of topics. They have a readership of over 70,000 people which includes members of the Capitol Press Corps, TV reporters, lobbyists, bloggers, members of congress, business executives and many more.

One of the latest reports is about how Memorial Day weekend will affect the roads in Florida. According to the report a study by AAA shows that the Sunshine State is a top choice for travellers, with Orlando being the most popular destination. An expected 2.08 million Floridians will hit the road during this period.

The report also states that AAA have said that an estimated 39 million Americans are due to travel on this years Memorial Day weekend, making it the busiest since 2005. 34.5 million of these travellers will be using the roads while the rest will be flying.

The report explains that this rise in Memorial Day weekend travel is one example of the growth experienced throughout the travel industry in recent times. The AAA explain that in 2017 travel bookings with them are up 17% on last years figures. This can be attributed to higher wages, lower gas prices and higher confidence among consumers.

However, a spokesman for AAA has warned that even though gas prices have been dropping for the last month across Florida, they are in fact now on the rise again. Prices are now rising due to a week of declining stock and rising demands on the resource. The report states that prices will not rise sufficiently enough to make people change their travel plans.

Those wishing to find out more about Florida Political News can visit the website on the link provided above. is the top ranked website political website in Florida. Our readers turn to us for fair and balanced coverage about themselves, companies, industries, candidates, politicians, issues and government.

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