SELVAS AI Inc. Expands it Scope of AI Solution To Both Medical and Insurance Field

SELVAS AI Inc. Expands it Scope of AI Solution To Both Medical and Insurance Field

Technology is rapidly becoming the best solution to our everyday needs and with artificial intelligence, even the seemingly most difficult task could be easily achieved with just some little commands using a bottom or other technique and SELVAS AI has proven to be a force to reckon with in this field with its solutions to difficult jobs using artificial intelligence.

May 26, 2017 ( – SELVAS AI, a Korean company that specializes in AI has changed the model of so many business using artificial intelligence (AI). This includes ‘Selvy Medivoice‘ the first real time medical recording solution in Korea and Selvy Checkup an artificial intelligence technology based disease prediction service.

Recently, on the 16th of May SELVAS AI signed a business agreement with the French Reinsurer company SCOR Global Life Korean branch for the development of artificial intelligence solutions and services in the domestic insurance sector.

This is the first time that company would be involved in the development of insurance products that promotes mutual co-operation and development, this making SELVAS AI the first Korean company to sign an exclusive business agreement between an artificial intelligence company and an insurer.

“In the future,  the essential business model of the insurance industry will be changed to provide management and services for chronic disease and mild disease through insurance and health services using artificial intelligence” James Kim the C.E.O of SELVAS AI commented

The agreement between SELVAS AI and SCOR global Life will result to the launch of varieties of insurance product using artificial intelligence technologies which will start by developing new products in the medical industry then to the insurance sector as well. Visit here to find out more

SELVAS AI is an artificial intelligence company with AI source technology based on the best pattern recognition technology such as Voice recognition, handwriting recognition, image recognition and other AI related services such as smart car, pin tech, and many more. 


Source: PR