Jason K Jensen, Licensed Private Investigator entangled in case of possible fraud

Jason K Jensen, Licensed Private Investigator entangled in case of possible fraud

Popular Salt Lake City Licensed Private Investigator, Jason K Jensen, accused of fraud and exploitation

May 26, 2017 ( datsyn.com) – Jason K Jensen and his firm have been accused of allegedly scamming innocent clients of their money under the pretense of delivering legal services to them. Reports have it that Jason through his Licensed Private Investigator firm has been alleged to defraud their clients while promising them excellent service delivery.

Based in Salt Lake City, Jason K Jensen has been involved in different cases of alleged fraud and exploitation, with several reports already from different clients available on Rip Off Report.

Jason K Jensen has not only been alleged to take money for services not rendered, but reports have it that he breaches the confidentiality of the case by discussing the details of a case with third party persons. Jason is also being accused of extorting his clients by charging excessive fees in a bid to earn monies not earned earlier in the case.

One of the very popular and recent cases of Jason exploiting a client is the case of not following a child custody case through, causing harm to the children and parent involved. According to reports, Jason and his firm did not only charge his client excessively, but also failed to see the case to the end, quitting midway into the case.

Jason allegedly brought in a lawyer to handle the case after quitting. His actions and inaction allegedly infuriated the presiding judge who consequently rule against Jason’s client, depriving him and his children of their time together.

In addition to failing to represent his clients properly, Jason was also reported to have badmouthed his client to other investigators, court personnel and private investigators, further worsening the already sad situation.


Source: PR