Green Exterior Artificial Grass Duplicates Nature Naturally

Green Exterior Artificial Grass Duplicates Nature Naturally

Synthetic and Eco-friendly grass with the most natural feel

May 26, 2017 ( – Looking to recreate nature’s finest lawn without all the hassles of mowing, watering and feeding? Look no further, GE Artificial grass Sheffield will duplicate nature and also give you a garden that will look neat all year round.  A lawn that looks great in autumn, winter, summer or spring is the reason Green Exterior artificial grass Sheffield is in business.

Green Exterior artificial lawn Sheffield is the leading fitters and installers of fake grass in the Yorkshire area of the United Kingdom. It prides itself on the delivery, fitting and installation of top quality synthetic grass. Derren Ward, CEO of Green Exterior describes artificial lawn Sheffield as “passionate about Artificial Grass and offer the very best quality luxury grasses for Residential and Commercial uses.”

Fake grass Sheffield is very safe for children and pets, it completely eliminates mud, requires no mowing or watering, has very low maintenance cost and above all, has a natural look and feel. It can be used both outdoor and indoor; on lawns, patios, pool sides, playgrounds and sport fields.

For those who own a beautiful and well-manicured natural lawn, the mud patches make winter a dreaded time, and the dryness and dust that come with summer is every lawn owner’s dilemma. Keeping a natural lawn fresh, lush and green all year round, requires a lot of maintenance work, time and money but with synthetic grass Sheffield, lawn owners will no longer have to bother with mud, fertilizers, pesticides and high cost of maintenance, in other words, they can ditch their lawn mower.

Green Exterior offers only the best quality luxury grass. The Rosemary artificial grass is the best of artificial grass. Its thick, luscious and extremely soft texture will make any home stand out among equals. It is ecofriendly as it contains no lead or cadmium. Its latex backing has regular drainage holes which helps water drain through the grass.

Another top quality grass in its stable is the Oregano artificial grass. Its subtle olive thatch helps give the grass a natural appearance. It is ideal for gardens, terraces, play areas and landscape areas.

Green Exterior artificial grass is durable, all-weather compatible and aesthetically appealing. 

Having a beautiful lawn regardless of the season is every lawn owner’s innate wish. With Artificial Grass, a neat lawn is no longer a mere wish but now a reality. Green Exterior offers the very best of artificial grass, installation and maintenance. For details on how to fit and maintain Green Exterior Artificial Grass visit


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