Enjoy The New Shake n Vape E-Liquids From Ecigbase

Enjoy The New Shake n Vape E-Liquids From Ecigbase

A New TPD Compliant Nicshots From Shakenvape

May 16, 2017 ( datsyn.com) – Shake N Vape is a new e-liquid product line offered by Ecigbase that are made only from the top quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients and are delivered within 2-3 days from the order for free.

Electronic cigarettes became a huge hit in the last five years. People all around the world have come to terms with the idea that regular cigarettes are destructive for health and the smoke produced with each drag harms not just the smoker but the people around as well. That is why many dedicated smokers switched over to using E-cigs that are more environment friendly and do not cause excessive damage to your health.

Since introduction, these innovative mechanisms have won the hearts and minds of many and the manufacturers, encouraged by such success are constantly looking for ways to surprise and please the users with their new ideas. The battery powered e-cigarette converts liquid nicotine into vapor and in the process does not create fire, ash or smoky smell.

Unlike its tobacco alternative, electronic cigarettes do not contain all those harmful chemicals that destroy the health of both the first hand as well as the second-hand smokers. The most important part of any such product is the e-liquid. Depending on the quality of it, you can either have a very pleasant and aromatic smoking experience or have to struggle to make even a small puff. Shakenvape is a new and highly demanded e-cig liquid line that offers a magnificent combination of tastes and vapor.

These new TPD Compliant Nicshots come in variation of tastes and sizes. If you like creamy tastes you can find Lemon Tart, and Strawberry Donut liquids that will please your smell and taste receptors. Those who prefer fruity aromas have a huge selection of forest fruits, citruses and many more. Last but not least, people who like stronger scents and tastes can enjoy mint and menthol products. Considering the fact that the shipping is free, the prices on these items seem to be very affordable and friendly.

At the cost of £14 you can become a proud user of Shake n Vape e-liquids and enjoy the difference that you get when using top-notch quality product. Whether you are just starting to enjoy the vaping culture or are an experienced vaper, liquids from this company will leave you above and beyond satisfied and there is no reason for you to look for alternatives elsewhere.

Shake N Vape is a product line from Ecigbase, a family owned and run business that is focused on electronic cigarette liquid production and delivery. This is a growing company that prides itself with fast and reliable delivery as well as quality products available for sale.


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