Brinley Williams – Combination of 5 Websites

Brinley Williams – Combination of 5 Websites

The website is the creative outlet for contemporary Welsh designer Brinley Williams and is the amalgamation of the 5 different websites he created since early 2002 namely Celtmyth which focussed on personalised candles, Mug Shop which as the name suggests sold designer printed mugs specialising in personalised designs.

May 11, 2017 ( – The Welsh Shop was a welsh gifts style ecommerce website and finally the most recent addition was Mandangle which featured funky, mischievous risqué designs geared towards the male market. And Rudegift

“The reason for combining the 5 different websites stems from the simple practicalities,” explains Brinley Williams. “Running an ecommerce concern has become quite multifaceted and consequently rather time consuming especially for a one man band operation like I have opted for. Running multiple websites, keeping them up to date while also maintaining a suitable social presence for each meant I was not really giving any one site my full attention. So I finally took the plunge and amalgamated them into a single website which I creatively called”

“All of the products that existed on the original sites have been migrated across and the look and feel of the new site is similar to those of the originals which should make it a less troubled transition for all existing customers. Hopefully with the ever growing e-commerce marketplace and being able to focus on just creating one high quality online customer experience, the year ahead will prove to be a good one. And allow me to maintain my ideal of being a lifestyle entrepreneur.

For further details please visit or simply email me. is the aptly named new website created from the 5 existing websites created by Brinley Williams each of which focussed on its own unique niche from candles to mugs and welsh gifts to man mugs and man candles. Brinley Williams does not have a manifesto as such, rather just a simple ideal to have a little fun while doing something you like. Hopefully the new website allows him to achieve this


Source: PR