New Ecommerce Website 'LoveWoo' Aspires To Transform The Adult Industry Reputation

New Ecommerce Website ‘LoveWoo’ Aspires To Transform The Adult Industry Reputation

The Hidden Group has announced the launch of its new adult ecommerce business, LoveWoo, hoping to overcome and recover the bad stigma that is attached to similar adult sites.

May 05, 2017 ( – The team at The Hidden Group have expanded into the adult ecommerce industry, after learning from extensive research into ecommerce and different industries that it is a profitable market and demand is high.

They however realised that a fresh, new edge was needed in order to make it a true success, as well as the ability to gain trust from users and to gain connections and partnerships with other lucrative companies.

Due to the nature of the business, the general consensus is that many websites in this industry are low quality, distasteful and impersonal. There are a high number of cookie cutter websites, where time has not been taken to implement the correct marketing strategies, and not enough care has been given.

It is a difficult sector to market, both on and offline, as a result of the public’s reservations, and due to companies’ advertising policies restricting adult content.

Ben Murray, Ecommerce Director at The Hidden Group, said: “The UK is the World leader in ecommerce, and accounts for a significant total UK retail revenue. Ecommerce has the potential to be an extremely lucrative business model.”

“We wanted to put our own personal footprint into the huge and constantly growing world of ecommerce. Our approach is to care for and respect the user, with things such as discreet packaging, discreet billing and building a community on the site and social media demonstrating our unique edge,” said Ben.

LoveWoo was designed with the unique aspiration to be an adult website with a difference. It promises customer anonymity, irresistible deals, easy browsing and around the clock customer care.

The site offers an industry-leading affiliate programme, rewarding affiliates who recommend products to others with up to forty per cent per purchase, and also rewarding customers with regular offers and discounts.

LoveWoo has recently introduced its own invite only VIP area with a forum for members, exclusive products and offers, giveaways and competitions on a frequent basis, and regularly updated news and blogs.

As mobile has overtaken desktop, and users are now accustomed to a smooth, tailored experience when they surf the web, The Hidden Group wanted their experience using the LoveWoo website to be no different.

The team therefore designed and developed the website to be of optimal functionality on all devices, and for the layout to be clear and simplistic yet with eye catching colours.

The website has been designed to tailor for the ‘end user’ and strong attention has been paid to customer psychology and ease of use, ensuring that the user feels secure and informed, alongside making sure the site is optimised for conversions.

“We will not stop until LoveWoo is a success, and have many big plans for the next few years, including bringing out an exclusive range of innovative adult sex toys, and our own proprietary ecommerce platform. It is a very exciting time for the business,” said Ben.

Notes to Editors:

LoveWoo is an ecommerce business, and part of the Hidden Group. LoveWoo specialises in the adult industry, selling goods and clothing.

To find out more about what Love Woo has to offer visit the website at


Source: PR