DUKE 10 Launched a Kickstarter Campaign set to Revolutionize the Banjo Ukulele

DUKE 10 Launched a Kickstarter Campaign set to Revolutionize the Banjo Ukulele

A Modern Acoustic/Electric Banjolele that Weighs Only 1kg: Beautiful Sound & Amazing Feel

May 01, 2017 ( datsyn.com) – Duke 10 has been launched as a solution to create a lightweight yet powerful banjolele . This remarkable instrument has no excessive hardware, heavy woods, pointless resonators or embellishments that don’t add value or tunefulness and only increase the cost. The instrument is lightweight and produces amazing sound and is sooo easy to play. It is fully adjusted right out of the box meaning  users can start playing immediately.

Not only is the DUKE 10  light to hold at half the weight of the 4lb+ monsters,  it is an acoustic/electric instrument as well as a strummer. It is inexpensive to buy without sacrificing quality meaning anyone can afford it to polish their talents. Furthermore, it is durable with some of the finest components and elegant construction.

Following are the technical specifications of DUKE 10.

– Instrument weight: 2lbs 2oz (1kg)
– Total length: 9” (64cm)
– Drum: 10” (25.4cm)
– Frets: 18 – 5ply birch
– Action: Fret 1 – 0.5mm to 0.75mm, Fret 12 – 2.2mm to 3.0mm
– Nut width: 4” (35mm)
– Arm rest: Chrome Plated Aluminum
– Neck: Solid Mahogany
– Strings: Aquila Supernylgut
– Drum head: High Impact Polyvinyl
– Tailpiece: Precision “Smooth Edge”

You can hear and see many examples of the instrument being played the DUKE 10 Kickstarter campaign site , located on the web at: www.kickstarter.com/projects/57052233/duke-10-tenor-super-light-acoustic-electric-banjo It offers pledge levels from NZ$10 to NZ$1370 with perks and rewards ranging from a ‘Thank You Note’ as a gratitude to the two signed DUKE 10 Ukuleles. 

DUKE 10 is a remarkable musical instrument that will be the lightest tenor banjo ukulele ever with electrical features and advanced playing. The instrument has an array of options and is practical yet elegant. The sounds produced will be unlike any other of its kind and this remarkable creation from New Zealand is now seeking your support on Kickstarter at  www.kickstarter.com/projects/57052233/duke-10-tenor-super-light-acoustic-electric-banjo 


Source: PR