Sullivan Building & Design Publishes Portfolio Of Garages, Outbuildings And Additions

Sullivan Building & Design Publishes Portfolio Of Garages, Outbuildings And Additions

Leading Talbot County construction company provides descriptions and pictures of its home addition projects

April 27, 2017 ( – Sullivan Building & Design, an industry-leading construction, design and building services firm headquartered in Talbot County, has published a description of their services related to the design and construction of garages, outbuildings and other forms of home additions.

In addition to the description of their services, Sullivan has also published a portfolio of images of its recent home addition projects. Both the description and the portfolio are available in their entirety at

Sullivan begins describing their garage, outbuilding and home addition services by acknowledging the wide variety of different additions that a homeowner may seek to construct to supplement their existing home. Master bedroom suites, playrooms, garages and basements are all specifically listed as additions that the company has extensive experience both designing and constructing.

Beyond the variety of additions available, Sullivan’s information also recognizes the diverse set of tastes and budgets that their clients possess when it comes to home construction projects. They note their ability to provide services that meet the unique taste and budget requirements of an individual client. Throughout all of their design and construction work, the firm notes, an emphasis is placed on incorporating elements of style and construction that make the addition seem as if it is has always been part of the existing home.

The construction and design firm also explains that their experience allows their work to be completed with both skill and versatility. “For the past 40 years, codes and materials have been constantly changing and we have been changing our techniques and using the latest materials available to build it right,” Sullivan writes.

The company goes on to explain that their clients maintain a significant amount of confidence over the direction of the construction project at each stage of the process. “Once we have decided on a design and finishes, even if you have your own set of plans, you can sit back with the highest confidence and let us do the rest,” the firm explains before adding, “From the permit to the framing to the final inspection, we are there with you every step of the way.”

Sullivan Building & Design has served homeowners in Talbot County for over 15 years. The firm brings 75 years of combined experience to their projects, which range from new home construction to energy-efficient window installation and custom cabinetry. For more information on the services they offer, or to view a portfolio of recently completed construction work, the company may be contacted by using the contact information provided below.


Source: PR