Presuppositional Apologetics Books for Sale

Presuppositional Apologetics Books for Sale

April 05, 2017 ( – In parts of the world the growth of Christianity is spectacular, yet in the West, atheism and skepticism are fervently seeking converts. “The many proofs for the existence of God must be clearly presented to our generation,” says author Mike Robinson. “The goal of those who declare that ‘God is Dead’ is to remove God from our culture, schools, and civilization—this threat must be met head-on with the truth and evidence of the Christian faith.”

God’s Not Dead is inspired by the film directed by Harold Cronk, and stars Shane Harper, Kevin Sorbo, Jim Gleason, David A.R. White, Marco Khan, Korie Robertson, Wilie Robertson, the Newsboys and Dean Cain. It aims to show the world that God’s not dead.

God’s Not Dead helps the reader understand answers to questions like:

• Does God exist?
• Doesn’t evolution disprove the Bible?
• What are the reasons to affirm the Resurrection of Christ?
• How can I prove that God’s not dead?
• If life has a purpose, how do I find meaning in my life?
• How can the believer answer the problem of evil?
• How is Jesus Christ unique?
• How can one claim to have certain truth?
• Why is true faith not blind, but based on truth and evidence?

Are you sometimes concerned that someone will ask you a question about your faith that you can’t answer? Have you tried to learn how to prove and contend for your faith, but have gotten lost in puzzling language and concepts? Have you struggled with periods of doubt yourself? This new, easy-to-understand book provides simple but powerful tools to help you defend the existence of God.

Yes, this God’s Not Dead: Many Proofs for the Christian Faith is geared for average believers; however, this book is not just for beginners. The author refines very difficult and complex intellectual issues and makes them accessible to all, even though it may challenge many seasoned apologists and scholars—great for students as well as skeptics.

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