Which Breast Implant Size Launches Guide to Help Women Avoid Further Surgery

Which Breast Implant Size Launches Guide to Help Women Avoid Further Surgery

An online resource now provides insights on breast implant sizes and shapes, for women looking to join the over 5 million in the U.S. who have already sought enhancements. A shocking 25% of all breast implant procedures results in further surgery years later and choosing the right size is one of the best ways of avoiding this.

March 24, 2017 ( datsyn.com) – In 2015, there were over 279,000 breast augmentation procedures in the U.S., according to the 2015 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report. So around 70,000 operations are performed each year in the USA as a results of changes needed to breast implants. So Which Breast Implant Size has launched a website that explains how to pick the right implant size based on individual needs. Implant procedures increased 39 percent from 2000 to 2010, and have now been done on nearly five percent of all women but, although the procedure is now safe and simple, choosing the right breast implants requires some thought and can avoid major problems later.

The Which Breast Implant Size website aims to simplify this by explaining the available sizes. It explains that breast implants come in low, medium, and high profiles. Low profile saline implants have a maximum diameter of 16.1 cm/maximum projection of 4.7 cm, and medium profile ones are up to 16.4 cm and 5.6 cm, respectively. A high-profile implant can be up to 14.7 cm in diameter and have a maximum projection of 6.2 cm.

Silicone implants, the site explains, also come in the same three profiles. In a low profile, these are up to 17.2 cm in diameter and project up to 4.9 cm. Mid-range silicone implants are up to 16.2 cm in diameter and have a projection of up to 5.2 cm, while high profile ones have a diameter of up to 15.3 cm and project up to 6.1 cm.

Importance of Choosing the Right Implants

The Plastic Surgery Statistics Report showed that over 24,000 people in the U.S. decided to remove their implants after augmentation. In addition to recommending women talk to their doctor before going in for surgery, the new website suggests doing one’s homework. That means considering the structure and shape of one’s body, which is a strong factor in what type and size of implants to get. The site also explains how to properly measure breast size. Other important factors include the desired aesthetic effect and the individual’s breast tissue thickness.

Medical consultations factor in the desired cup size. It’s not the ultimate deciding factor for implant size, according to the website, but it’s a first step. The resource strongly suggests discussions on implant size and shape during a consultation. It recommends trial runs with bras featuring different sized implants in them, so a person can get a feel for what would be most comfortable.

Over $2 billion have been spent by Americans on breast implants, since 2010 alone. All that money spent should come with good decision making. Which Breast Implant Size seeks to streamline this process by making valuable information readily available, so women know how to make the best choice for them.

To view the website, and gain valuable insights into selecting breast implant based on size, shape, and body type, go to whichbreastimplantsize.com.

Which Breast Implant Size is an informational website that explains how to choose the right implant size and shape. It also explains how women can find the best implant based on their body and desired effect. Advice for consulting with a doctor before surgery is provided as well, to give women a full rundown of what to think about beforehand.


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