Bizarre Act Of Vandalism Delays Wassen Hole Bicentennial Celebration

Bizarre Act Of Vandalism Delays Wassen Hole Bicentennial Celebration

March 16, 2017 ( – Wassen Hole East Dakota- Wassen Hole Police in Barren County is looking for the culprit in a bizarre act of vandalism.  After a two year restoration to repair damage from 2014’s  super-storm, the oldest building in the town was set to have a grand reopening today. Unfortunately, when event organizers arrived this morning, they found the building defaced with hand prints and phrases written in black smudges and marks. Initially identified as paint, it later became evident that the vandals used coal and coal residue to completely deface not only freshly restored exterior but the interior as well. 

An unnamed police official said that investigators have all but ruled out random debauchery,  as the act seems far too complicated and spiteful to be caused by teenage boredom. Perhaps most troubling is the vandal’s apparent ability to enter the bank without activating any alarms. While it’s clear that the bank was specifically targeted, the motive is still unknown. The owners of the bank, Ronald and Michelle Muller are baffled as to why anyone would want to spoil the celebration. “The Wassen Hole Savings Bank is not only a bank, but a symbol. It’s been in this town longer than any other building. It’s been on Wassen Hole postcards for years. It’s such a shame,” said Ronald Muller.

This senseless act was not only a huge blow for the bank, but the entire town as well. The reopening of the Wassen Hole Savings Bank was scheduled as the premier event celebrating the town’s bicentennial. Organizers were forced to cancel the festivities at the last minute when the vandalism was discovered.

This is the second bicentennial event that’s been cancelled due to unsettling reasons. The Reverend David Shroder’s community bible reading was cancelled on Wednesday after the reverend appeared to suffer a psychiatric break.

While it’s clear the two events are unrelated, they have cast a dark cloud over what should be a proud milestone in Wassen Hole history.

Organizers have indicated that rescheduled events will be posted on the town’s Bicentennial facebook page

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