Artist Gives New Life To Vintage Doll Mold For Bizarre Haunted Flea Market

Artist Gives New Life To Vintage Doll Mold For Bizarre Haunted Flea Market

February 27, 2017 ( – New-York Artist, author, and curator of curiosities Mike Drake is surrounded. High within his Queens NY lair, a dozen deformed heads stare at him with a stony silence. Drake hefts one in his hand and laughs “Hindsight being 20/20, I may have made these a bit too heavy”.  Each of the heads comes from the same mold, but each looks distinctively different. The reason, explains Drake, is entropy.

In November of 2016, Drake acquired a vintage 1970’s doll head mold from Ohio. The mold was made of steel and had been stored outdoors and exposed to the elements.  “After being exposed to the element for 4 decades, the mold was really just rust held together by a wish. There was no possibility to restore or even stabilize” explained Drake, “So I decided to use what little life the mold had left to cast a series of cement heads, allowing the mold to disintegrate with each casting and making no effort to hide or correct the destruction”. The end result is a unique and remarkably enticing series of unusually compelling heads. Despite their blank eyes and expressionless faces, they somehow convey a melancholy yet calming aura.

Drake created the series of heads for the upcoming Bizarre Haunted Flea Market. “Besides book signings, I haven’t done a public event like this in decades” explained Drake, “and I wanted to do something very special.The point of attending an event like the Bizarre Haunted Flea Market is to find things that are unique, these certainly fit that bill. You won’t find a deformed cement head like this at Pier 1″.

Draked added that the mold was able to produce 17 heads. “Technically, I cast 18 but the last head is so unrecognizable that I don’t think it really counts. There was catastrophic mold failure.” explained Drake. A German collector purchased head #1 and # 17, heads #2-16 will be available on March 4th-5th at the Bizarre Haunted Flea Market.

More info on the market can be found at the website

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