Floormat.com Provides Matting At Cleveland Browns Stadium

Floormat.com Provides Matting At Cleveland Browns Stadium

Floor matting company installs 3M Nomad Matting in the football stadium’s locker rooms

January 31, 2017 ( datsyn.com) – Floormat.com, a provider of floor mats and floor matting solutions for both commercial and individual customers, has previously installed the floor matting in the locker room areas at the football stadium where the NFL’s Cleveland Browns play their home games. In the announcement posted to the floor matting company’s website, Floormat.com notes that they installed floor matting in both the home team and visiting team’s locker rooms, respectively.

Floormat.com installed a type of floor matting known as 3M Nomad Matting. This type of matting is often utilized for the specific purpose of preventing slipping and falling in areas where certain factors like water or other substances may cause instability. In the case of the Cleveland Browns, their Facilities Manager sought a matting solution after observing that football players were prone to slipping and falling on concrete and tile surfaces due to their cleated shoes. Multiple areas of the football team’s facility, including the locker room, showers, hallways and tunnels leading to the field had this tendency to cause a fall.

The 3M Nomad Matting was implemented by Floormat.com in various ways, highlighting both the versatility of the product and the installation capability of the matting company. Wall-to-wall matting was laid down in the locker room areas, while customized sizes of the same type of matting are laid down only during games; at other times, the temporary matting is able to be rolled up and stored. Floormat.com further reports that no slipping and falling has been reported since the Cleveland Browns adopted their floor matting solution. Further details can be found at www.floormat.com/vinyl-loop/nomad-scraper.html

Floormat.com has been an industry leader in custom floor matting, heated floor mats and safety solutions for over 60 years. Based in central Ohio, the company prides itself on serving a wide variety of customers, from larger facilities in need of large product quantities to individual homeowners looking to avoid slipping and falling in their bathroom. The company has also provided anti-slip matting solutions for government agencies including the Army and Air Force.

Among the variety of mats they offer are anti-slip mats, heated mats, entrance mats, industrial mats, floor mats and logo mats. They also carry anti-slip tape as well as specialty matting for athletic applications. No matter the type of mat they provide, Floormat.com seeks to meet specific customer needs with their ability to create special sizes, shapes and products unique to the situation. For more information on their products and installation services, the company may be contacted using the contact information provided below.


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