Eastern Pools Recommends Frequent Water Testing For Pool Owners Safety

Eastern Pools Recommends Frequent Water Testing For Pool Owners Safety

Ohio pool supply and service company stresses the importance of having pool water frequently checked for chemicals.

January 31, 2017 ( datsyn.com) – Eastern Pools, a company that provides products and services to pool owners in Northeast Ohio, has announced that frequent testing of pool water is necessary for maintaining a clean and sanitary pool or spa. According to Eastern Pools, such testing is essential for both commercial and residential pools.

In their published statement, Eastern Pools highlights some of the ways that pool owners can have their water tested to ensure that swimmers are not exposed to harmful chemicals or diseases. Pool owners can bring in a sample of their water to their local pool store so that testing can be done. Testing is often conducted using a “Lamotte Spin Lab,” a revolutionary new product that allows for computerized water testing. According to Eastern Pools, this method of water testing maximizes accuracy and minimizes processing time–often allowing for accurate test results to be presented to the pool owner within 60 seconds. In its announcement, Eastern Pools stresses the importance of having these tests conducted and analyzed by a trained professional. Test kits can be used at home to maintain proper ph levels, as well.

According to Eastern Pools, the purpose of such testing is to achieve balance in the level of pool chemicals. If this balance is not maintained, it can be harmful to swimmers. Whether the pool is a large commercial pool that sees hundreds of swimmers in a given day, or a small, residential pool that may only see a handful of swimmers in a week, chemical levels need to be analyzed and adjusted to prevent harm. As Eastern Pools states, if chemical levels are unbalanced, it is necessary for a pool professional to work on adjusting those levels through a variety of products and services. Products for addressing the problem might include pumps, filters, and chemicals. Necessary services might include cleaning and maintenance. Information on testing services can be found at www.easternpools.com/store/

Eastern Pools has been providing products and services for both commercial and residential pools – as well as spas – in the Norton, OH area since 1963. They are a family owned and operated company, with decades of industry experience. They offer a wide variety of products, including pumps, filters, aquabots, and solar heating panels. They also provide an array of services, including pool opening and closing, testing, cleaning, and repair. They work with a wide variety of clients, including homeowners, gyms, hotels, apartment complexes, country clubs, therapy clinics, and public pools. More information can be found at www.easternpools.com/services/


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