Floormat.com Offers A Multitude Of Safety Solutions With Various Types Of Spaghetti Matting

Floormat.com Offers A Multitude Of Safety Solutions With Various Types Of Spaghetti Matting

Spaghetti matting, also referred to generally as vinyl loop mats, are available from multiple brands at Floormat.com, solving many different safety and industrial issues

January 18, 2017 ( datsyn.com) – Floormat.com has announced their ability to offer multiple different brands and types of spaghetti mats. The floor matting company reports to be one of the only companies with the capability to both carry and install such a wide variety of these floor mats. Based in central Ohio, Floormat.com sells floor mats and floor matting solutions to a wide variety of commercial and individual customers all over the country through their website, listed in the contact information below.

Floormat.com’s listing of the spaghetti mats they carry and install begins with a discussion of the benefits of the mat, which, at the time of its development about 20 years ago, was a groundbreaking product in the floor matting industry. The primary benefit of a spaghetti mat, according to Floormat.com , is its versatility; spaghetti mats are able to be used both indoors and outdoors. Another acknowledged benefit of spaghetti mats is their immunity to chemicals, a fact which makes them conducive to use in industrial and lab settings.

The spaghetti mat’s alternative moniker, the vinyl loop mat, is derived from the vinyl loops on the mat that are designed to scrape dirt and moisture of off shoes and trap the residue in the mesh of the floor mat. Because of their ability to deal with water, the information on Floormat.com advises, they are well suited for use near water on decks, by pools and spas and in locker room and shower areas. Recessed wells are also listed as an effective location for the matting.

The types of spaghetti mat available on Floormat.com are ViSpa All Season Outdoor Matting, Wayfarer Vinyl Loop Mats, ViSpa Garage Mats and 3M Nomad Scraper Entrance Matting. The differences in the matting options are potentially related to setting, size, available colors, pricing, style and the amount of foot traffic the particular mat is designed for. Customers unsure as to which specific mat may be best for their unique situation are can find more details at www.floormat.com/vinyl-loop/index.html

Floormat.com has been an industry-leading provider of floor matting solutions for over 60 years. They have pioneered numerous floor matting products designed to prevent slipping, melt snow and ice and perform various other functions related to utility and safety. Their mats have been used by a wide variety of customers, including the U.S. military.

Floormat.com makes significant effort to solve any large-scale business or small-scale individual floor matting need. For more information about their products or their installation process, the company may be contacted by utilizing the contact information provided below.


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