How to Benefit From New Volunteer Abroad Scholarship

How to Benefit From New Volunteer Abroad Scholarship

You can now spend time living and working abroad thanks to the uVolunteer travel scholarship program.

January 12, 2017 ( – Valued at over $2000 per trip, it’s one of the best opportunities to experience new cultures and see the world for free.

Volunteering in other countries is a major ambition for many people. However, it’s often difficult to raise the cash needed to do so. Unless you have wealthy parents, most may have to save for up to a year to spend a month in Africa digging wells and providing a service to the local community. Luckily, that has changed thanks to the scholarship program introduced by uVolunteer to encourage more people to volunteer abroad.

The scholarship is open to all nationalities and acceptance is based on fulfilling the requirement of the scholarship. Scholarship winners can take part in several volunteer projects abroad in Ghana, Thailand, and Costa Rica. Placements last for a total of four weeks, and can be be extended if more time is required. The scholarship will give you plenty of opportunity to learn a little about the community of the destination you visit. Participants even have the chance to win a $500 voucher towards the cost of their air travel.

Open to anyone over the age of eighteen; the programs available should provide some vital international experience for those awarded . The uVolunteer – Volunteer Abroad Scholarship is second to none, and that’s why lots of people made applications in 2016. It is hoped the trend will continue as the award becomes more popular this year. Individuals who decide to work overseas without such a scholarship may need to save thousands of dollars. So, this scholarship makes possible for those who would not be able to do so otherwise.

Anyone who wants to take part in 2017 will need to get in touch with the organisation as it will soon start promoting the scholarships for this year in January. That means there isn’t much time for you to get signed up to be notified of the new dates and requirements.

If you want to stand a chance of winning the scholarship visit uVolunteer’s website for the details of this years requirements.

To learn more contact uVolunteer using the details below. There is always someone on hand to offer advice, and the process isn’t as complicated as it might appear.


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